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Director, Business Systems & Technology

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Blog## MVP. Code geek at heart. All around SF enthusiast/junkie/nerd/ninja wanna-be. 7x Salesforce Certs####Work more on the Apex/VF side of things, but like to think I can be pretty creative with formulas and WFR's to try to solve problems with clicks before trying to solve with code. I do love solving problems with code though!####In general I tend to give more in-depth answers with examples to those who have shown some effort to solve the issue on their own first. Not likely to give in depth examples to the "write me the formula to do these 27 things" types of questions....Try it yourself first, then ask for help, then I'm more than happy to help.####Love helping those in need just starting on the platform and spreading the love of the community that helped me out when I was first learning. This Forum taught me most of what I know, and I love this group of folks, glad to be a part of such an amazing group.####See you all out there...

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