Triggered Sends Opens Export is not Showing All the Expected Records

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Last updated 2019-05-31 ·Reference W-5593612 ·Reported By 11 users

Fixed in version 219

When exporting all opens for a Marketing Cloud Triggered Send, some records are not included in the file.

- Go to the Email Studio > Tracking
- Click Triggered Sends
- Select a Triggered Send
- Click on Opens
- Click on Export All
- Select to export as a .csv
- Notice that not all the expected records are exported to the .csv file

- Create a Data Extension with the desired fields from the _open system Data View:

- Create a Query Activity with SQL like the following:

select SubscriberKey, EventDate
where TriggeredSendCustomerKey = '<replace with key>'
and isunique = 1

* Note - this will get the opens from the last 6 months.

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