Guide Template Language does not resolve when placed in Content Builder template-based email

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Last updated 2019-05-31 ·Reference W-5604480 ·Reported By 8 users

Fixed in version 219

When doing a subscriber preview of a template-based email with Guide Template Language code in a HTML block, the Guide Template Language code fails to resolve and an error message shows on the UI e.g.

"The data source referenced by a Guide Section tag was not found. ClientID: XXXXXXX JobID: 0 SlotID: 0 DataSourceIDType: Unspecified DataSourceID: jsonvar Guide Tag: {{#jsonvar}} Tag Index: XXXX"

1. Create an Email in Content Builder using the Template option.
2. Create an HTML Block in the email.
3. Paste in the Example Guide Template Language script below to the HTML block.

Example Script:
Set @json = '[{"INTRODUCTION": "To download","QUANTITY": "2"}]'

{{.dataobject jsonvar type=variable source=@Json maxrows=20}}
{{#jsonvar}}Qty: {{QUANTITY}}{{/jsonvar}}

4. Attempt to do a subscriber preview and an error is shown on UI.

When creating a HTML-based Content Builder email Guide Template Language code should resolve as expected.

As Guide Template Language code does not resolve in Content Builder template-based email, please use Content Builder HTML emails.

Note: When switching to HTML-based email, if you need to reference existing Content Blocks, AMPScript provides functions that can assist with this. For example the function ContentBlockbyId as documented here:

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