Korean Typed Text within a Content Block in Content Builder is not Saved Correctly

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Last updated 2019-05-31 ·Reference W-5422383 ·Reported By 1 users

No Fix

When typing Korean text in a Text/Freeform Block in Content Builder it is not saved correctly.

- Go to Content Builder
- Create a template based email
- Add a Content Block (i.e. Text or Free Form)
- Type the Korean text '안녕하세요'
- Notice that it will become 'ㅛㅇ세하녕녀ㄴㅏㅇ'

- Either paste in the content from Notepad or another source, or hit Shift + Enter after each line.

** Note: Shift + Enter will cause the editor to insert <p> tags instead of <br/> tags in the html. This could potentially cause spacing differences in some email clients. **

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