Next Billing Date is null when ordering One-Time Products with no subscription term or end date.

Salesforce Billing

Last updated 2019-05-09 ·Reference W-5935940 ·Reported By 11 users

Fixed in version Billing 220.3

When creating an order for a one-time product, there should be no need for a subscription term or end date. If you create a quote for just one time products, or one time products and evergreen subscriptions (neither of which require a term or end date) the one time product will not populate Next Billing Date on the Order Product. This will prevent an invoice from being generated for the one time product.

Create a quote for a one time product
Enter the Start Date but do not enter an End Date or a SubscriptionTerm.
Create an order from the quote.
Try to bill the order.

Expected result: An invoice is generated

Actual result: No invoice is generated for the one time product because the Next Billing Date (NBD) on the OP is not populated.

Create the quote with a start date and either a subscription term or an end date that is at least one day later than the start date.

Note that having a term or end date on the quote will not affect the evergreen subscription product. Or, you can just enter the end date or term on the quote lines for the one-time products.

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