When Changing Case Owner from Related Record Component, Queue Lookup Intermittently Fails to Appear
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When Changing Case Owner from Related Record Component, Queue Lookup Intermittently Fails to Appear

Platform , Lightning

Last updated 2019-09-07 ·Reference W-4896444 ·Reported By 133 users

Fixed - Winter '20

Some organizations may find that using the Related Record component to change a Case Owner intermittently fails to display 'Queues' as a lookup option.

1. Switch to Lightning.
2. View a Case record.
3. Edit the Page to include a standard 'Related Record' Component for Cases.
4. Return to the case record and, using that related record component, Inline Edit the Case Owner.
5. Click the ‘x’ to remove the current owner.

Customer should see both Users AND Queues available.

Customer occasionally sees ONLY Users / People. The 'Queues' option is missing.

Try refreshing the page or use the main 'Record Details' component to make ownership changes.

Reported By (133)

German Iglesias Melissa Jovingo Matt Knight Josée Tellier Guillaume Loubier Alexander MMS Jonathan Lemos Justin Garey Fabrizio carrino Hannu Wuollet Niko Smrekar Drew Edinger Mohamed BASSAL Nicolas TREFEU Stephen Rush David Rendeau Kevin Weil Adil Muzaffar Frédéric Finet Julian Juez Alfaro Kevin Kristoffer Balares Mark Wylie Ping Chen Tushar Chopra Claudia Gomez Anuj Khanna Staples Lisa Schutter Vijay Aswani John Treglia George Wycherley Christoffer Sjödin Megan Gammack Katie Casella Chelsea Day Jessie Ostrander Jani Hintsala Devin Ingersoll Antti Hyvönen Kaley Stremick Elana Schlossberg Kunimasa Suezaki Lee Stone Jean Hathhorn Oisin Quinn yosuke yamaguchi Heather TH McLemore Zachary Parrott Tech Impact Neues bei Careship" Ken Gordon Umbrellar Limited Admin Atlantic Andrea Mazzeo Valerio Noè Atlantic Admin BT ATLANTIC Atlantic Atladmin Nicole Rigatti Matteo Bigatti Admin Atlantic Timothy Moore Karsten Muller Heather Aeder Célia Orvalho Liam Slattery (MCS) Liam Slattery (MCS) Daisuke Tsubouchi Jonathan Flowers Tyler Cordell Gareth Kenna Ennube Solutions Antonio Galdo Luis Mota Liam Slattery Teva FANEL Pradeep Madheswaran Giorgiana Miron Iulian Badea Ben Smart Admin Integration Christian Weckmann Jeremie Le Sant Martin Nordenso Camille Foireau Céline Abihssira Celine Abihssira Airdre Knox Ravi Shankar Kandepi Noëmie Nelissen Isabelle Van Moeffaert Gisele Meremans James Bell David Shrimpton Hendrik Pans Anne-Sophie Despriet Sandra Ghysels Dimitri Debaere Aurore BENDAVID Vroni Mylle Maarten Devos Emilien Guichard Ingrid (Dev Trailhead) Rathjen Jill Heiremans Ellie Breden Frisine Heyvaert Iris Abbas Samuel Arroyo Tineke Schrier Jani Van Hecke Christopher Weil Integration User Jack De Stefano Victoria Brito Admin Telnext Carlos Aznar JESUS JIMENEZ SAEZ Jonathan Camilleri Florin-Lucian Tansanu Yeshashwini T Ajay Mathew Kriston Ware Mitchell Cowan Russell Clark Hannah Griffith Raksha Meanger Maria Sesé Patrick J. Patricia Palm Jordan Lacroix Ruth Rushton Raghvendra Singh Saba Ahmad Katie Nix

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