Streaming Updates: Localized strings can't be removed or emptied

Marketing Cloud Einstein/Predictive

Last updated 2019-05-31 ·Reference W-4740819 ·Reported By 2 users

Fixed in version 214

Streaming updates allows you to update product catalog attributes. It does not currently allow you to remove a value or insert an empty string.

In your streaming updates call, pass a locale attribute like below.

"Locale_ZH-HK_CustomAttribute": "test",

Once the update shows up in Reporting > Admin Tools for the product, run the same update again with the below empty string.

"Locale_ZH-HK_CustomAttribute": " ",

Note the call returns a 304 and no update occurs when you go back to Reporting > Admin Tools and search for the product in question

Refrain from using attributes that no longer have valid attribute values until you can update them with the proper, valid text.

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