Cannot hide Emails by setting IsExternallyVisible to false via before trigger in certain condition

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Last updated 2018-08-30 ·Reference W-4713829 ·Reported By 3 users

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Email IsExternallyVisible cannot be set to False via Trigger Before context if the checkbox is unchecked in the UI and the default Visibility for the Email is True

1) Create a Community (Napili for example)
2) Create a custom (or modify default) Send Email quick action and add the "IsExternallyVisible" checkbox to the Quick Action Layout
3) Add the above Quick Action to your Lightning Experience Case Page Layout
4) Create a Community User from a Contact in your Org
5) Create a Trigger on EmailMessage just like our doc states but make sure to set IsExternallyVisible to false in the trigger:
NOTE: **You do not need to enable Community Case Feed to see the issue

trigger makepublic on EmailMessage (before Insert) {

6) Create a Case on your Contact above
7) Go to the Send Email quick action on your Case and ensure your Contact is populated in the To Address
8) Ensure Is Externally Visible is NOT checked within the Send Email Quick Action
9) Send your Email

Result: The Email you sent above will have IsExternallyVisible set as True

Update the IsExternallyVisible in the After context using a future method. E.g.

trigger DontMakePublic on EmailMessage (After Insert) {

List<Id> emailIds = new List<Id>();


global class MessageNotExternallyAvailable
public static void changeVisibility(List<ID> emailIds)
List<EmailMessage> emailsToUpdate = [SELECT Id,Incoming,IsExternallyVisible,Status FROM EmailMessage WHERE Id IN :emailIds];
for(EmailMessage em : emailsToUpdate){
em.IsExternallyVisible = false;

update emailsToUpdate;

Is it Fixed?

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