Contracting an Amendment Order does not Preserve Bundle Structure

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2018-02-21 ·Reference W-4611237 ·Reported By 9 users

Fixed in version CPQ 212.7

Contracting an amendment order, after adding new options to a bundle on the amendment, does not keep the bundle intact on further amendments or renewals.

1. Create a Bundle Parent Product with at least 2 Fixed Sub children options
2. Create an Account, Opportunity, and Primary Quote. Set Start Date and Subscription Term
3. Add the Bundle Parent and one child option.
4. Order the Quote
5. Contract the Order
6. Find the new Contract and amend it
7. Reconfigure the Bundle and select another option
8. Order the Quote
9. Contract the Order
10. Return to the Contract and verify a new Sub/CLI was added
11. Renew or Amend the Contract


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