Case Comments do not show the full text in the Related List

User Interface , Communities , Spring 16

Last updated 6 days ago ·Reference W-3046403 ·Reported By 106 users

In Review

When viewing the Case Comments Related List on Cases while in Lightning or using the Napili template within Communities, you are only able to see the first 25 characters with no way to view the full comment.

1. Add a Case Comment to an existing Case
2. Navigate to the same Case within Lightning (or navigate to the Case in your Community using a Napili template)
3. Click the Related tab and scroll to the Case Comments Related List

You will see that the comment is cut off with no way of reading the full text.

If you are viewing the Case in Lightning, you can view the Case Comments in the Feed view.

If you are viewing the Case in your Community using the Napili template, you can include the Feed in the detail page.

Reported By (106)

Maurice Murphy Sonia Ganivet Eliot Biesold Heather Mclemore Jessica Lujan Sri Lakshmanan Christopher (Chris) Swanson Lia D'Agostino Jason Dominiczak Alison Baird Anne-Marie Messineo Marc Kelner Rob Woodman Leo Daley Jay GB Vazeer Mohammed Laura Klim Ian Sidle Chris Fezza Richa Patel Chris Lewis Jeroen Schwankhuizen Andrée-Anne Couillard Mayur Vij Navandhar Lorraine Stonham Bethany Brunskill Jodie Daniels Toni Ryniker Raji Alagiamanavalan Tom Ford Heena Patel Sarah Kane Clay Hilte Brent Myers Shyamal Mehta Shanna Giannatti Michael Garcia Shruti Admin David Garcia Sebastiano Bertani Chris Eley asldjo jaosdj Jonah Hust Cindy Bozic Jon Balza Jon Casey Maria Huemmer Christie Densmore Griffin Warburton Matthew DeFauw Scott Rogers Traction Admin Alexis Grau Matea Unger Rachel Crompton-ADMIN Jason Eric Jensen Aaron Ayer Pedro Freire Chris Blaudschun Francesca Donaghy Isaac Krig Megan McIntyre Mairi Kennedy Grant Niehus Angelika Randall Kate Emeneau Marc Wallace Michael Dreesmann Michael Jankowski Kelly Brown Chris Johnston David Charest Stéphanie AGUILLON Darrel Niemann Serena Villano Pruthvi Raj Tamara Brandenberger Richard Lloyd Kirsty Bishopp Roxanne Corrieri Petros Ioannou Nik Kasala Nancy Wisnewski Ella  Bernachik Nevo Harari Amarel  Rubin  Jenny Mosunova Ainat Malachi Neta Orlovski Eyal Morad Gal  Regev  Dana Furman Einat Tzur-Shain Dana Kats Lee Ephrati Tali Gretz Larry Hall E Gje Brian Hartley Gina Pedroni John Martinez Sara Schmitt Ashley Bochiechio Guillermo Pedroni Jane Isaac Christian Eichhorn

Is it Fixed?

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