Lightning Experience - PDF files not rendering as expected in full size

Last updated 2019-06-04 ·Reference W-3889867 ·Reported By 154 users

Fixed - Summer '18

Uploaded scanned PDF files not rendering as expected in full size in Lightning Experience.

The same files can be correctly visualized in Salesforce Classic.

Previously this was thought to only occur when the PDF contained a letterhead however, the scope of the behavior has been expanded and may occur regardless of whether the file contains a letterhead or logo.

1. Switch to Lightning Experience
2. Go to Files tab
3. Click on a scanned compact PDF file
5. Notice that the page content is not fully rendered
6. Close it
7. Click on the drop down on the right and select File Details
8. The Preview mode shows a fully filled file
9. Click to see the file in full size
10. Again the page content is not fully rendered

11. Switch to Salesforce Classic
12. Go to the Files tab
13. Click on a scanned compact PDF file
14. The Preview mode shows a fully filled file
15. Click to see the file in full size
16. Again the page content will be fully rendered


June 15 2018: This issue has been fixed as apart of Summer '18. It will roll out to Sandbox and Production instances as part of the normal release cycle. See release notes for more information and instructions to enable:

Release notes:

May 25 2018: Admins will have to enable the preference "Display alternate file previews" under Salesforce Files - General Settings to see this fix. Salesforce recommends that customers test the fix in a sandbox that has already been upgraded to Summer '18, while waiting for the release to reach their production instance.

Please note that at the time of this update, the preference is visible in Sandbox instances only. Contact Salesforce or wait for further updates for production instances.

Release notes:

February 23 2018: It has been identified that this issue is not specific to the PDF containing a letterhead as previously indicated in this Known Issue and may occur with compact PDF files independently of whether the document contains a letterhead or logo.

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