Unable to modify Data Retention policies on existing data extensions in Contact Builder

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Last updated 2019-04-19 ·Reference W-5562209 ·Reported By 16 users


The 'Data Retention Policy' section of the Manage Policies modal was temporarily removed from existing Data Extensions in the Contact Builder application with the 215 Release as a preventative measure related to several potential concerns.

1) Access Marketing Cloud > Audience Builder > Contact Builder
2) Navigate to Data Extensions
3) Open an existing data extension
4) Click on Manage Policies
5) You will see there is NO option to modify or add data retention

Create a new data extension and apply data retention settings at the time of creation.

Whenever possible, it is still preferred as best practice that you anticipate which Data Extensions need Data Retention and apply appropriate Data Retention at the time of Data Extension creation. This involves less system resources to apply the appropriate metadata and indexes to an empty table, needed for our deprecation framework to process the retention job, than applying to a Data Extension with many records.

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