Member Status Filter applied to all campaigns in Salesforce Sends

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When targeting more than one campaign in a Salesforce Send, filters are applied to all campaigns instead of the just the campaign the filter is associated to.

1. Navigate to Email Studio > Email > Interactions > Salesforce Sends
2. Create a new Salesforce Send
3. Name the send
4. Select the email to be sent
5. Click 'Edit Recipients'
6. Select 'Salesforce campaigns' and click to add to Targeted lists
7. Select the campaign
8. Click 'set member status filter'
9. Select a status
10. Repeat steps 6-9, selecting a different status for the second campaign
11. Click 'Save' to update recipients
12. Click 'Save' to save the send
13. Select the newly created send
14. Click 'Send'

Create multiple Salesforce Sends with each pointing to a single campaign.

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