Configuration Attribute w/ Apply to Product Option does not map value if option added via selection Product Rule

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2018-04-06 ·Reference W-4754437 ·Reported By 8 users

Fixed in version CPQ 212.13

Configuration Attributes with Apply to Product Options checked do not map values to Product Option Quote Line when Product Option is added via Selection Product Rule and user does not view Feature containing option before saving configuration. This is also happening within a nested bundle.

1. Create a Parent Product with Option Selection Method set to Tabs (or Wizard)
2. Create a Configuration Attribute on the Parent Product referencing a Number field that's been setup on both Quote Line and Product Option (Select Apply to Product Options)
3. Create 2 Features on the Parent Product
4. Create 2 Product Options for the Parent Product (assign 1 option to feature 1 and 1 option to feature 2)
5. Create a Product Rule with a condition that can be set after the configuration attribute value is entered and an Action that adds Product Option 2
6. Create a Configuration Rule to link the Product Rule to the Parent Product
7. Go to Quote and click Edit Lines, Click Add Products
8. Select the Parent Product
9. On the configuration screen, input a value for the Configuration Attribute
10. Select Option 1 and modify the configuration so the Product Rule's Error Conditions are met
12. Save Configuration
13. Save the Quote
14. Navigate to Option 2's Quote Line and view the field with same api name as Configuration Attribute.

Click into feature or child product (non-nested vs nested).

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