Auto-Association rules don’t work with custom Campaign fields for B2BMA Campaign Influence Models


Last updated 2019-04-18 ·Reference W-5184323 ·Reported By 2 users


The “Auto-Association” feature doesn’t work when using a custom campaign field in the Association Rules and “Even Distribution Model” is the default CI model.

If we update the Auto-Association rules to look for either a default OR a custom field criteria, we’ll see Campaigns that match the default field criteria populate Influenced Opportunities. However, the Campaigns that only match the custom field criteria won't be updated with Influenced Opportunities.

1) Set “Even Distribution Model” as the default model for Campaign Influence
2) Establish Auto-Association rules that leverage at least one custom campaign field
3) Update a few campaigns to match the Auto-Association rules and note that they do not match as expected


18th April 2019

Per H&T, the current expected behavior is that filters can only use standard fields

Configure Customizable Campaign Influence

6. Optionally, define filter criteria that must be met in order for a campaign to be automatically associated with an opportunity. Include only standard fields in your filter criteria.

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