Formula Twin Fields from Product Option to Quote Line do not work when Required/Selected Options are added without configuring their bundle

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2018-06-03 ·Reference W-3978852 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version CPQ 208.7

When an admin creates a field on the Product Option with a type of Formula (X) (with X giving the value that the formula returns), it can map to an open field on the Quote Line with the same type as X. This is currently not happening of the Product Option it should map from is never loaded within the Configurator (its parent product is never configured).

1) Create a 2 Products, and assign one of them to be an option of the other.
2) Mark the Option as required.
3) Create a Number field on the Product.
4) Create a Formula (Number) on the Product Option that pulls value from the field you just created on the Product.
5) Create a Number field on the Quote Line with the same API Name as the Product Option Field.
6) Set the Field on the Product to 5.
7) Navigate to the Product Option, and observe that the Formula field is also 5.
8) Create a Quote, and navigate to the Line Editor.
9) Add the Parent Product that you created, and Save out of the Line Editor.
10) Navigate to the Quote Line record, and note that the Twin Field did not map over.

Create a formula on the Quote Line to reference the Product Option.

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