Field Service Lightning Android app 'Get Driving Directions' are incorrect

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Last updated 2019-03-21 ·Reference W-5754754 ·Reported By 3 users


Some of our customers have reported that when using the 'Driving Directions' action from the List View in Field Service Lightning Mobile for Android, the wrong directions are provided to the user. The directions provided are the Latitude and Longitude, and not the actual address (the Lat/Long will be slightly different than the actual street address of the location).

*NOTE* This issue occurs only for the Field Service Lightning Mobile app for Android

Salesforce engineering is aware of this issue and plans to address this in a future release of the mobile application.

1. Log into the Field Service Lightning Mobile Android app.
2. Navigate to the Service Appointment List View and choose "Get Driving Directions"
3. Observe that the address the user is taken to is NOT the address listed on the record.

Users can tap into the Service Appointment and use the 'Driving Directions' button on the Overview page there to get the correct directions.

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