Guided send wizard times out when selecting an Exclusion list that doesn't include a data extension

Marketing Cloud Sending

Last updated 2019-05-31 ·Reference W-4965861 ·Reported By 7 users

Fixed in version 215

When an account has a large amount of data extensions, the Guided Send Wizard times out when sending to a list with an exclusion list and no data extension is included as part of the exclusion. When the exclusion list includes a data extension it works fine.

Timeout occurs on after clicking the next button in the Schedule send panel. The system becomes non-responsive and fails to continue

1) Select Email Studio
2) Select any email>Send>Guided Send
3) Select any list to send to.
4) Select any list as an exclusion
5) Select a time in the future or send immediately
6) Click "Next"

The send wizard hangs and will eventually display an error: Internal server error.

You can either:
1. Use a User Initiated send.
2. Reduce the number of data extensions in the root Data Extension folder.
3. Include a data extension as an exclusion list.

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