Agents missing "View Setup and Configuration" permission see "We can't retrieve this agent's information" when viewing an agent in Omni Supervisor

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Last updated 2018-05-05 ·Reference W-3831542 ·Reported By 25 users

Fixed - Summer '18

When an agent that doesn't have the "View Setup and Configuration" permission enabled via a Profile/Permission Set, they will see a yellow error when viewing an Agent in Omni Supervisor. The error at the top of the screen states, "We can't retrieve this agent's information". It doesn't appear to affect the data visible for the Agent, but the error appears which is confusing.

- Actual Result
An error appears at the top of the screen.

- Expected Result.
An error shouldn't appear, this permission shouldn't be required

-Create an org with Omni Channel and Omni Supervisor in a console
-Create a custom profile with the "View setup and configuration" perm disabled and assign to a test user
-Make sure the test user can go online in the Omni widget via some presence status
-Go to console with the test user, go online in the Omni widget, and click your agent's name in Omni Supervisor
-You'll see the yellow error appear at the top.
-Adding the setup and config perm back will prevent the error from occurring.

Workaround is enable the perm.

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