Data Loader OAuth login may fail when using saved usernames and Server host setting is changed unexpectedly

Data Loader OAuth login may fail when using saved usernames and Server host setting is changed unexpectedly

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Last updated 2019-04-19 ·Reference W-3475764 ·Reported By 19 users

In Review

When attempting to login using Data Loader's OAuth option, users encounter a generic error:

Please check your username and password. If you still can't log in, contact your Salesforce administrator.

And no login attempt may be present or recorded in the user record's login history. In addition, upon checking the Data Loader's Settings it will show a variant of the following URL input into the "Server host" setting:


Where <x> is a variable number.

Despite being unable to login via OAuth, login attempts made directly via the browser or via password authentication in Data Loader are successful.

The may occur if a saved username is selected on login whose destination org's instance has changed. For example, if a sandbox is refreshed to a different instance a saved username associated to the sandbox prior to refresh may fail upon attempting to use it to login.

1. Confirm the "Server host" setting in Data Loader shows

2. Select Insert > OAuth Login > Login successfully > confirm OAuth

3. File > Log out

4. Insert > OAuth Login > Click "Not you" > Click Cancel

Actual Results: Upon navigating back to Settings the server host URL is switched to a blitz address.

Expected Results: The server host field would remain a valid login URL.

Please follow the recommendations outlined in the Knowledge Article:

Unable to log in to production or sandbox via Data Loader OAuth after refreshing

Is it Fixed?

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