Record & Display Multiple Response Field shows all values in Form submission section of Form Notification System Email


Last updated 2019-04-24 ·Reference W-6003511 ·Reported By 2 users


For fields which have Record and Display Multiple Response option selected, the form submission section of form notification system emails will show all values in the field instead of newly entered values only

1.Create a prospect custom field with option "record and display multiple responses" selected
2.Add this field to a pardot form.
3.Setup a "Notify User" Completion Action on the form.
4.Submit the form and enter Value A for the custom field
5.A form notification system email will be generated (found in Admin->System emails). The email will show Value A for the field.
6.Submit the form a second time and enter Value B for the same field as step 4.
7.Form notification system email will have all the values ( i.e both A and B) for the custom field in form submission section.


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