Campaign can't be deleted when Usage table displays 'EmailSource' data


Last updated 2019-04-16 ·Reference W-5853992 ·Reported By 5 users


On a campaign's Usage data table, we display email_source data based on a template (assigned to the specific campaign) that's been sent in an Engagement Studio program. The campaign cannot be deleted due to this.

1) Create a new campaign in Pardot
2) Create and publish a new email template, using campaign from step 1
3) Create an engagement studio program with an action to send an email using template from step 2
4) Run engagement studio program
5) Once email has been sent, check Usage table for campaign and note EmailSource appears
6) Try to delete campaign
7) See error message "This campaign cannot be deleted because it is being used in other places. Please check the Usage table."


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