batchUpsert updates selection differently
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batchUpsert updates selection differently


Last updated 2019-07-17 ·Reference W-5947925 ·Reported By 1 users


When calling batchUpsert using API and with only an email address present as a field value, the record is always inserted instead of updated when "prospect_id" or "crm_fid" is not present in the fields. An Upsert will result in an update, so batchUpsert should behave similarly.

1) Call prospect/version/4/do/batchUpsert with "email" value and other field values -- Do not include "prospect_id" -- This results in an insert.
2) Do the same as above but with an Upsert instead of batchUpsert -- This will result in an update.
3) Do step 1 but include "prospect_id" or "crm_fid" and "email"
This will result in an update.

Include "id" or "crm_id" where applicable. Otherwise, N/A.

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