Add Campaign when records are Person Contacts from report fails

Add Campaign when records are Person Contacts from report fails

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Last updated 2020-02-13 ·Reference W-6009220 ·Reported By 4 users

Fixed - Summer '20

In a Person Account enabled org, when we try to add members ( as person contacts) to campaigns, the members are not added as expected.

This malfunction is caused by one of the following scenarios:

1.If the report is using custom report type AND the lookup field (contact ID for example) is added to the custom report layout.

2.If the secondary object is Contract in the custom report type selected

1.Create a new Custom Report Type
2. Choose a newly created Report Type where "Add fields related via lookup" has been added to the layout
3. Add columns: Person Account: Full Name, First Name, Last Name
4. Click Save and Run
5. On the top right of the report click "Add to Campaign"
6. Choose a newly created campaign
7. Choose Status "Sent "
8. Click "Submit"
9. The campaign members have not been added

The functionality works when all the Lookup fields are removed from the Custom Report Type used for the report to add campaign members

This workaround provided is only for scenario1 for scenario 2, there is no workaround at the moment in place

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