When Enable Large Configurations setting is on, adding new options in Option Lookup during reconfigure resets all existing option selections to defaul

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

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Fixed in version CPQ 218.11

When the Enable Large Configurations is on, adding new options to an Option Lookup (feature with Option Selection Method = Add or Dynamic) during a reconfigure resets all quantities that were changed from their defaults during the initial configuration.

1. Make a bundle product with Configuration Type = Required (or Allowed), Configuration Event = Always.
2. Turn Enable Large Configuration setting on in the Package Setting
3. Add one feature with Option Selection Method = Click, one with Option Selection Method = Add, and one with Option Selection Method = Dynamic
4. Add Product Options to the bundle, some with Feature assigned to the Click feature, others with Feature assigned to the Add feature. Assign some of them different Quantity values + Quantity Editable = true, others with Quantity = blank (does not require setting Quantity Editable, these are automatically editable)
5. Go to a quote, Edit Lines, Add Products, select the bundle
6. Select some options in the Click and/or Add feature, and then change the quantities.
7. Save the configuration
8. Reconfigure the bundle
9. Add an option to either the Add or Dynamic bundle
10. Observe quantities of existing option selections after saving out of Option Lookup

Quantities remain as they were when config was re-entered from QLE (the quantities set in initial config)

Quantities are reset to the default values on the Product Option records (or, if Quantity on the Product Option record is blank, they are reset to 1)

Disable the Enable Large Configuration feature

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