Payment Allocations - with multiple lines to allocate against a Payment the Amounts are not correct on all lines

Salesforce Billing

Last updated 2019-05-16 ·Reference W-5371328 ·Reported By 5 users

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Payment Allocations do not allocate successfully to Invoice Lines when multiple Invoice Lines exist related to one Invoice record.

create account > opportunity > quote > orders > invoices with multiple invoice lines
Create a payment (cash) with a value less than all invoice lines, ie. total of all invoice lines = 500, create a payment for 300
Allocate payment and select only the last invoice line in the Invoice Line Section
Note that the amount shows 0, if you select the prior rows then an amount is shown.

Expected Results:
The amount to be prepopulated with the total invoice amount (since the total payment amount covers that line)

Actual Results:
The amount prepopulated is 0


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