Engagement History component shows single email name even for emails using multiple lists


Last updated 2019-04-19 ·Reference W-5607773 ·Reported By 3 users


The Engagement History LEX component list email activities only returns a single list name out of all lists used for an email regardless of it prospect is on that list.

For example, if a list email uses 10 recipient lists, the EH LEX component will only show the name of the first list out of the 10 on each record even if that record was not a member of that particular list.

1) Add the EH LEX component to your page layout
2) In Pardot, send a list email using multiple lists
3) Once email has been sent, check the record of a prospect who was sent the email
4) Note that only a single list name will appear even if multiple lists were selected for the send


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