Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool stalls on Activation: Migrating Feeds and Smart Links

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Last updated 2018-09-17 ·Reference W-5412505 ·Reported By 4 users

Fixed - Winter '19 Patch 5.0

When using the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool (LKMT) and following the provided documentation here:

Perform the Migration: Multiple Article Type Orgs

Users may find that clicking Next to continue on step 10. or the Data Migration Summary page moves the process to the Activation step showing the following indefinitely:

"Migrating Feeds and Smart Links

Feeds: in progress
Smart Links: in progress"

If your migration has been on this step for an extended amount of time (over 48 hours) please log a case with Salesforce Support.

There are different potential causes for this:

1) Modification of Knowledge or other related activities occurring during the migration. The longer the amount of time between migration completion and clicking Next the greater the possibility of this.

2) Point in time sandbox copy issues causing knowledge data to enter an unexpected state. This is more likely to occur if you're using a partial copy sandbox. It is highly recommended to only test the LKMT in a recently refreshed full copy sandbox. See "Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool FAQ" for more details here:

Customer's can potentially rule out point in time copy issues by attempting the migration in a newly created or recently refreshed full copy sandbox to see if the behavior persists.

3) Inactive users associated to knowledge data. See the "Bypass Inactive User Status" section here:

4) Unexpected circumstances with the migration process itself.

Support will need to investigate and identify whether you may actually be affected by an unexpected issue as mentioned in 4) or if the process may have stalled for a different reason.

1. In a recently refreshed full copy sandbox follow the steps outlined in either:

Perform the Migration: Single Article Type Orgs

Perform the Migration: Multiple Article Type Orgs

2. On step 10. click Next

Actual Results: The migration hangs, stalls, stops, or gets stuck on the "Migrating Feeds and Smart Links" step indefinitely with no way to cancel or proceed with the migration.

Expected Results: Migrating Feeds and Smart Links would continue to completion.

As an immediate troubleshooting step, customer's may elect to abandon the current migration and refresh their sandbox to try again.

Refreshing to run in a fresh org and enabling audit fields will help to rule out the possibility of this being an one off issue that's unique to the sandbox data and/or point in time copy issues.

If your knowledge data may be associated to inactive users, enable audit fields and assign the user who is starting the migration the "Update Records with Inactive Owners" permissions as outlined here:

Otherwise, customer's will need to contact Support to investigate available alternatives.

Each case will need to be evaluated individually but if it's confirmed that no active migration processes are running, it may be possible to manually move to the Validation step to allow either cancelling or proceeding with the migration.

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