Community Users receiving "You can't submit this case comment" when attempting to add a comment to a case.

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Last updated 22 days ago ·Reference W-3716817 ·Reported By 12 users

In Review

When an email alert is tied to a case comment automated action (Process, Workflow Rule) and the email template used is not public, Community Users are unable to add comments to Cases.

1. Create a Case Comment workflow rule containing an email alert and assign a template to the alert that is not public i.e. accessible to only internal users.
2. If you already have an active Community log into it and navigate to a case record as a Community User.
3. Attempt to add a comment to the case.
4. You will receive the following message " You can't submit this case comment".

Ensure that the email template used in the alert is in a public folder i.e. accessible to all users.

Is it Fixed?

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