Running Test for WSDL-based asynchronous callouts fails with Internal Error

Apex , Summer 15 , Winter 16

Last updated 2016-07-28 ·Reference W-2705132 ·Reported By 14 users

Fixed - Spring '16

Running Unit Test for an Apex Class making an asynchronous Call-out from an imported WSDL fails with an Internal Error.

1. Create a webservice class:

global class StockQuoteServiceSoap {
webService static String getStockQuote(String s) {
return '100';

2. Generate a WSDL of StockQuoteServiceSoap
2-1. Setup > Develop > Apex Classes
2-2. click "StockQuoteServiceSoap"
2-3. click "Generate WSDL"

3. Generate apex classes from the WSDL
3-1. Setup > Develop > Apex Classes
3-2. click "Generate from WSDL"
3-3. select the WSDL file which was generated at the step 2, and click "Parse WSDL".
3-4. name the class "SOAPStockQuoteService", and click "Generate Apex code". It generates the AsyncSOAPStockQuoteService class and the SOAPStockQuoteService class.

4. Create an apex class which makes an asynchronous callout to the service by using the generated AsyncSOAPStockQuoteService class.

public class ContinuationSOAPController {
AsyncSOAPStockQuoteService.GetStockQuoteResponse_elementFuture stockQuoteFuture;

public String result {get;set;}

// Action method
public Continuation startRequest() {
Integer TIMEOUT_INT_SECS = 60;
Continuation cont = new Continuation(TIMEOUT_INT_SECS);
cont.continuationMethod = 'processResponse';
AsyncSOAPStockQuoteService.AsyncStockQuoteServiceSoap stockQuoteService =
new AsyncSOAPStockQuoteService.AsyncStockQuoteServiceSoap();
stockQuoteFuture = stockQuoteService.beginGetStockQuote(cont,'CRM');
return cont;

// Callback method
public Object processResponse() {
result = stockQuoteFuture.getValue();
// Return null to re-render the original Visualforce page
return null;

5. Create a mock class for a test

public class AsyncSoapStockQuoteServiceMockImpl implements WebServiceMock {
public void doInvoke(
Object stub,
Object request,
Map<String, Object> response,
String endpoint,
String soapAction,
String requestName,
String responseNS,
String responseName,
String responseType) {
// do nothing

6. Create a class testing the asynchrouns callout.

public class ContinuationTestingForWSDL {
public static testmethod void testWebService() {
Test.setMock(WebServiceMock.class, new AsyncSoapStockQuoteServiceMockImpl());

ContinuationSOAPController demoWSDLClass = new ContinuationSOAPController();
// Invoke the continuation by calling the action method
Continuation conti = demoWSDLClass.startRequest();

// Verify that the continuation has the proper requests
Map<String, HttpRequest> requests = conti.getRequests();
system.assert(requests.size() == 1);

// Perform mock callout
// (i.e. skip the callout and call the callback method)
HttpResponse response = new HttpResponse();
response.setBody('Mock response body');
// Set the fake response for the continuation
String requestLabel = requests.keyset().iterator().next();
Test.setContinuationResponse(requestLabel, response);
// Invoke callback method
Object result = Test.invokeContinuationMethod(demoWSDLClass, conti);
// result is the return value of the callback
System.assertEquals(null, result);
// Verify that the controller's result variable
// is set to the mock response.
System.assertEquals('Mock response body', demoWSDLClass.result);


7. Run the test. You'll see it fails with the Internal Salesforce Error.


Is it Fixed?

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