Using Message Queue to handle Email 2 Case process
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Using Message Queue to handle Email 2 Case process

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Last updated 2019-10-12 ·Reference W-1712107 ·Reported By 108 users

Fixed - Winter '20

When using email-to-case, users will sometimes get an UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error notification. This can happen if there is large data skew for the same parent record (eg, thousands of case records to a single contact record), which cause long-running database queries to time out.

1- Create a test contact record
2- Create and associate more than 5,000 cases to test test contact record
3- Use email-to-case to create a case

The Automated Case User will receive an UNABLE_TO_LOCK _ROW error message


This issue is not a bug. Salesforce is developing a feature to re-process emails if this row lock occurs.

Reported By (108)

Quinten Hennekam Sara Konkin Karthik Shanadi Chris Auxer Global SFDC Developer Edel Scannell Aidan Keenan Cory Adams Chris Brasch Sujai Kalra Venkatesh Kotapati Katie Elbert Tad Aalgaard Money Schillinger Josh McKoskey Joe Buege Bartlomiej Zacharski Tiket Admin Sunny Sharma 雄一 本多 Sam Lewis Chris Manton-Maund Gustavo Valentini Yeshashwini T Christopher Weil Peter Wouda Steve Maddison Michelle Anderson Adam Evans Laura Bourlon Kelly Shoemake Matthew Samson George Beatty Peggy McCafferty Beth Bornstein Craig Coates 智志 根本 Ben Beggs Gil Avignon Beth Bornstein Rian Tydeman Filip Rafałowicz Chris Dawson Soes Hla Luciana Moreira Alex Searcy Matthias Greier Ivan Portillo Kenny Buckles Katie Timmerman NAIT Consulting Abhishek Abhishek Kevin McAuliffe Crystal Karanovich Sakari Kammonen Atanas Bombov Young Hong Dhana Luna Tim Spradau Debasis Nayak Rasmus Zimmer Jillian Jones Tish Sherwood Kevin Strange Jon Casey Monique Castel Ido Greenbaum Irvin Ocanto Stephanie Dodson Jonathan Meltzer Rohit Tatineni Gouri Reddy Dan Logan Yosef Kapta Eric Jaskolka Matt Weggen Kayla Greenberger 利康 鍬田 Andrew McNamara Jeff Battles Marie-Louise de Groot Monique Castel Kevin Bruss Cameron Wilson Jason Jeffries Stephanie Mackay Fran Johnson Andrew Bates David Smith Yin Ling Chong Marco Almodova Fabio Belli Dang Nguyen Nancy Rousslang Matt Hofmann Anne Quirk Isaac Oliver Kirk Adams Kayla Olsen Doug Burt Irene Maria Del Rocio De Sandoval Martinez Y Salazar Karina Hartono Yigal Rabbi Mike Coutts Jake Pizzala Jenny Evans Scott Fraser John Peters

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