Emails not getting sent when Notify Assignee is enabled for Workflow Field Updates on Case object


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In Review

If a Workflow Rule w/ a Field Update is setup to change ownership on Case records, the "Notify Assignee" option fails to send an email to the new owner when Cases are created through the API and/or Visualforce pages.

This also applies to Cases created by Email-to-Case, as this functionality is dependent on the API.

- Create a WF Rule to trigger on Case creation
- Assign a Field Update as the immediate action
- Select the Field to Update as: Case Owner and check "Notify Assignee"
- Make sure rule is Active and create a Case using one of the above

1. Use Case "Assignment Rules", as opposed to using Workflow Rules, to update the case owner.

More details on setting up Assignment Rules are available in the following Help & Training article:

2. Create a separate Workflow Rule on the Case object wherein the criteria checks against criteria in the original rule, as well as the updated Case Owner. Then associate a new Email Alert as the immediate action. This should trigger after the successful field update of the original rule, provided the associated update is set to "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change."

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