Change set deployment is taking several hours more in Winter '15 (b)

Change set deployment is taking several hours more in Winter '15 (b)

Apex , Change Sets , Winter 15

Last updated 2016-07-28 ·Reference W-2419058 ·Reported By 139 users

Fixed - Winter '15 Patch 15.1

Some customers have noticed that their deployments via change set are taking considerably more time (e.g. several hours more) in Winter '15 compared to Summer 14.

a) Upload a change set and perform a validation/deployment of this change set.
b) Test execution will be significantly slower

Using the Metadata API (e.g. Migration Tool or IDE) has been mentioned by some customers as being a valid workaround, as deployment time in this case is in line with what was experienced in Summer '14.

## Update 17th December 2014:

a) This issue was raised initially in November 2014 and two bugs were isolated: W-2419058 (tracked via this known issue), and W-2418056 (tracked via a separate known issue:

b) W-2418056 was addressed in "WINTER '15 PATCH 13.0".

c) W-2419058 is believed to address any slow change sets that started to run slow in Winter '15 and continue to be slow even after W-2418056 was fixed, which indicates that they might be slow due to the code path that will be reviewed via W-2419058.

d) Customers are suggested to contact Support if the issue persists after this known issue is marked as Fixed.

## Update 11th November 2014:

a) Please notice at present (November 2014) two bugs have been isolated, so if you are affected by this issue, please consider raising a case with Support so that they can advise which bug is affecting you, in order for you to follow the appropriate known issue for updates.

b) This known issue will be used to track bug W-2419058.

c) will be used to track bug W-2418056.

Reported By (139)

Kamil Murawski Glen Barger Michael White Topher Odfina Raquel Deniz Piotr Prochenka Tom Glaess Scott Hodgman Ben Schauerhamer Diane MacRobie Rachel Bush Michael Getz Chris Duncombe Trinh Harrison Jesse Dickert Fraser Suyetsugu Sacha Villeneuve June Bischoff Tirzah Breen Irvin Ocanto Larry Melillo Mary Stevens Nick Whitney Kyle Atkinson Erin Schroder Shawn Reichner Nathan Williams Rachael Moore Andrew Barash Ian Iepson Andre Nosalsky Ryan Eno Jimmy Jetchick Ricky Hewitt Andrés Garate Jason Jeffries John Pipkin Diane MacRobie Chiara Giommarelli Fiona Wang Donovan Kruger Christopher Sweet Jordan Howard Chris Lites Timothy Ay George da Silva Thien Tran Ryan Puzzello Anthony Zybak Rathnakar Kodali Daniel Bernsons Michaelene Russell Joseph Keegan Dave Limer Jan Kocian Dusan Bakovka Leslie Mendonca Justin Midyet Kevin Berkline Michael Slawnik Matt Veitas Aieleeta Dutta David Edge Chris Mendler Sravan Gupta Youssef Elias Judi Desorcie Prateek Kumar Singh Sengar Hardik Gosar Specialist Administrator Chris Ferraro Smita Pandey Christopher LeBlanc Michael Stewart James Powell Adam Parkman Curtis Landry Jerry Daru Marlena Miller Tim Nepus Luis Luciani Jenu Abraham Kevin Bruss Richard Mills Sayali Sathaye Vamshi Reddy Bandaru Vishant Shah Nikita Jain Zarna Naik Rushank Parmar Ian Carswell Christian Davis Victor Hanson Heather Morelli Steve Baxter Yechiel Kaplan Leslie Linard Moshe Karmel Matthew Rathbun Jonathan Adlerstein Joseph Pilchowski Yisroel Mushell Sean Bottos Warren Mesic Alex Rea Lee Evans Daniel Curry Eric Robertson Yana Altbregen Jonathan Scheid Jim Simon Colin McGloin Farhan Karim Brandon Marshall Whitney Bunker Casey Grooms Andy Clark David Wright Vinay Kanuganti Larry Melillo Javier Gonzalez Kevin Healey Akash Saxena Jean JAENICKE Joss Poulton Laura Diaz Carmona Andrew Corcoran Joe Perro Ian Womack Pavel Kashko Ryan Ward Aisling Mathews Taoheed Ansari Ashwini Kale Akash Kanase Russell Keenan Saravanan Jagadeesan Christophe Poirier Laurent Martinache

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