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Data updates are not reflected in UI after a Visualforce+Apex update in Lightning Experience

Apex , VisualForce , Lightning

When data is updated from an Apex controller and redirected to the detail page in Lightning Experience, the updated data is not seen in the UI, even though the data is updated in the database. This is an intermittent behavior and could happen when we are performing the updates continuously and redirecting...

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Custom Buttons for VisualForce pages set to "Display in New Window" should open in a New Window


[Lighting Experience] Custom Buttons for VisualForce pages set to "Display in New Window" open within the same tab. Expected: The custom button for a VisualForce page should open in a new window.

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Picklist values not translated


When using Picklist fields in Visualforce (pages or email templates) with values that have been translated using the Translation Workbench the values are rendered in the native language. Translation Workbench, Email Template, Language

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SObjectType.getDescribe() or Schema.describeSObjects() do not correctly reflect the isAccessible, isCreateable, isDeletable, isUndeletable, isUpdateab

Apex , API , Platform , VisualForce , Eclipse IDE

Calling SObjectType.getDescribe() or Schema.describeSObjects() in Apex does not correctly reflect the objects' isAccessible, isCreateable, isDeletable, isUndeletable, isUpdateable properties (they always return as true, even if the user's profile has no perms on that object). This happens because...

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Lightning: When a Visualforce page overrides the standard Account view page clicking on 'Edit' and then 'Cancel' redirects to a blank page


In Lightning Experience when a Visualforce page overrides the standard Account view page and you click on the 'Edit' button and then click on 'Save' it redirects to the Account View however when you click on 'Cancel' it redirects to a blank page. This problem does not happen in Classic.

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VF page that includes a lightning app and an apex:tabPanel throws js error in browser console: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null

VisualForce , Lightning

JS errors are thrown in browser console when including apex:includeLightning and apex:tabPanel in Visualforce. apex:tabPanel introduces scriptaculous which has conflicts with $A in aura.

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apex:outputLink within Visualforce email template has appended javascript:srcUp() to URL on LEX

Apex , VisualForce

- apex:outputLink within Visualforce email template has appended javascript:srcUp() to URL on LEX. By the appended javascript code, Gmail does not handle URL in the sent email as link correctly. This behavior does not occur on Aloha. - Actual Result apex:outputLink within Visualforce email template...

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Users may see /visualforce/recsession screen intermittently while switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

VisualForce , Lightning

Users may see blank pages ending with the URL /visualforce/recsession intermittently when switching from Classic to Lightning.

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Deployment of VF component fails with "Unsupported attribute" error

Packaging , VisualForce , Metadata , Eclipse IDE , Change Sets

A deployment of visualforce components fails with an error: "Unsupported attribute myAttribute in <c:myComponent> in myVfPage at line 369 column 50"

In Review ·Reported By 62 ·Updated 5 days ago

DATEVALUE() formula fields are incorrect in Reports and Visualforce due to daylight savings

Analytics , Apex , VisualForce

Reports and Visualforce components relying on a Date/Time format field may be off by an hour during Daylight Savings Time.

In Review ·Reported By 163 ·Updated 7 days ago

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