New Task and New Event buttons on Activity related list do not autopopulate in LEX and Salesforce1

Activities , Mobile , Summer 17

In Lightning and Salesforce1, the new task and new event buttons in the activity related list pre-populate the related to (the name for contact and lead) for all objects and customer objects. However, for the account object, this is not working. This is a current limitation on the pre-population of...

In Review ·Reported By 22 ·Updated Yesterday

Summer'17 - Rich text area shows extra padding after a line break in Lightning.

Summer 17 , Lightning

Since Summer'17, there is extra padding after a line break in a rich text area in Lightning.

In Review ·Reported By 15 ·Updated 2 days ago

Field alignment not proper when using force:recordEdit in lightning component in Summer'17

Summer 17 , Lightning

Field alignment not proper when using force:recordEdit in lightning component. pageBlockItemView.cmp has different horizontal padding from pageBlockItemEdit.cmp. This is only reproducible in force:recordEdit lightning component. Standard record edit page is fine. This issue started happening from...

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated Yesterday

isoCode Error on some sObjects such as Account Creation with Validation Rules that Reference Currency Field in Summer '17

Mobile , Winter 18 , Summer 17

When a user creates records on some Objects in Lightning Experience or Salesforce for iOS and Android mobile application starting in Summer '17, they may get an error when Validation rules are enabled that check currency fields. Validation Formula "[Name of Validation Rule]" Invalid (isoCode of currency...

In Review ·Reported By 13 ·Updated 3 days ago

Lightning for Outlook: "An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the security settings" error appears when a record is loaded in Outlook

Email Clients , Outlook , Summer 17 , Lightning

Customers who embed a Pardot component into the detail page of a Contact (or any other object) record may experience following error in the Lighting for Outlook app. when logged on Outlook desktop client like Outlook 2013 or 2016. "An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the security settings...

In Review ·Reported By 43 ·Updated 4 days ago

"This View Unique Name already exists" error when trying to modify a List view in Org having FSL package via Metadata API

Metadata , Summer 17

Editing a list view that has a scope of “Assigned to me” via metadata deployment fails with the following error: "This View Unique Name already exists" Currently, this is affecting customers who have Field Service enabled. For example, Service Appointment is an entity that has 3 different scopes...

Scheduled - Summer '18 ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 4 days ago

Custom error messages not displayed in Lightning Experience when uploading files

Apex , Content and Files , Summer 17

Server error messages (added via addError() for instance) are not displayed in various scenarios (e.g. file upload) in Lightning Experience. They are displayed as expected in Classic.

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 9 days ago

Wave: Wave Dashboard component width issues when embedding in VF page and viewing in S1

Analytics , Mobile , Summer 17

Since Summer'17, wave dashboard embedded into VF page is rendered overflowing the screen width. This issue has started occurring since Summer'17 and in both Salesforce1 app for iOS and mobile browser Safari only. Lightning Tab issue is tracked in below KI.

No Fix ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 9 days ago

Inbox - Emails added to Salesforce records lose carriage returns

Email Clients , Outlook , Summer 17

Emails are added from Inbox to Salesforce records without carriage returns, making them difficult to read.

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 10 days ago

Firefox does not show scrollbars on Post Chat form

Apex , API , VisualForce , Live Agent , Service Cloud Console , Summer 17

Chat Window and Post Chat windows do not contain scrollbars and are not resizable within Firefox result content is getting chopped.

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 10 days ago

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