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Spring 19, Report run, height of the row is not automatically adjusted on rich text, looks data cut-off.

Operational Analytics - Reports , Spring 19

Spring 19, Report run, height of the row is not automatically adjusted on rich text, looks data cut-off.

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In LEX, When Single Logout is enabled in SSO config , users are getting 403 error when session times out

Authentication , Spring 19

In LEX, single logout is enabled in SAML SSO config. When session timeout, it redirects to https://<SP My Domain> and get 403 error.

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In Spring 19, usage of lightning:input type="checkbox" in custom lightning component throws Internal Server Error on Android devices

Lightning , Spring 19

In Spring 19, on Android , lightning:input type="checkbox" throws Internal Server Error. The following error can be seen under 'Technical Stuff' in the Exception pop up Cannot read property 'tagName' of null

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Picklist selection in flow does not select the correct currency for EUR and GBP multi-currency

Flow , Spring 19

Flows that uses a picklist set to choose currency chooses EUR it will select GBP, and vice versa when submitted.

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Dependent Picklist Field with no options is saved with "--None--" instead of "null" in Flows

Flow , Lightning , Spring 19

Dependent Picklist Field with no options is saved with "--None--" instead of "null" in Flows

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Analytics - Error when creating a dataset and choosing to add it to a new dataflow: "Permission disabled: canWriteDataflowViaAPI"

Analytics , Einstein Analytics - Data Integration , Spring 19

When creating a dataset and choosing to create a new dataflow for it, the following error will be shown after the dataflow editor opens: "Permission disabled: canWriteDataflowViaAPI"

Scheduled - Spring '19 Patch 15.0 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated Today

Running postMessage using a parameter returned from AuraEvent causes error

VisualForce , Lightning , Spring 19

User uses the method below of retrieving the parameter from an AuraEvent then adds the returned parameter as part of the message object to call on. ( When the returned parameter is a proxy then calling...

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"Page not available" when clicking View All from Activity timeline in Community.

Activities , Communities , Spring 19

When viewing the Activity timeline in a Community there is an option under "Load More Past Activities" to View All. When clicked though this may display blank page displaying "Page Not Available". This currently tends to occur in organizations that have multiple Contacts enabled for Activities.

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Einstein Discovery - Story failing due to not enough rows even though story setup says there are enough rows

Analytics , Einstein Discovery , Spring 19

When creating or updating a story, it may fail with the following error even though there are enough rows listed in the story setup dialog: "Analysis does not have enough rows. Min: 500, Got: <row count>"

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Syncing an external object using a cross-org connector times out

Spring 19

XDS sync can fail due to the 2 min synchronous request timeout limit when syncing an object that contains multiple components (record types, fields, page layouts, etc). - Expected Result: Successful sync of external object. - Actual Result: Unsuccessful sync due to time out.

Scheduled - Summer '19 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated Yesterday

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