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Saving email as Draft status in Case Feed sets Is Externally Visible field to True

Chatter , Messaging , Service Cloud Console , Communities

Customers might notice that saving an Email as Draft status in Case Feed sets IsExternallyVisible field to True. The expected behavior is that Emails in Draft status should not be visible to customer.

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New session tab created instead of defaulting to existing session tab for Messaging

Messaging , Service Cloud Console , LiveMessage

New session created though there is an already active session irrespective of Channel. This is happening on text and facebook channels.

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Snap-Ins Prechat sending out Case Assignment Emails to Chat Agents

Live Agent , Service Cloud Console

When you utilize the standard pre-chat form for the case object for Snap-Ins, your agents may receive emails stating that a case has been assigned to them when they take a new chat. All of the proper measures will be taken in the org to not receive the emails, but they will still persist.

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Omni-Channel Supervisor and Quick Text tab access listed twice under settings in Winter '20 Orgs

Service Cloud Console , Omni-Channel , Winter 20

Customers who are looking to utilize the Omni Supervisor Feature and/or Quick Text may notice that there are two of these listed under Tab Settings in Profiles/Permission Sets.

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In Lightning Console, the search window may close when a lookup search is performed

Activities , Search , Service Cloud Console , Lightning

In a Lightning Console, when performing a lookup search in a subtab, the search window may open and then close, returning to the record page. This can happen if the Activity Timeline is displayed on the record in the main tab (from which the subtab was opened), but hasn't been expanded to display...

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Chats cancelled mid-transfer from an Embedded Service Web Chat Deployment are not properly ended

Service Cloud Console , Omni-Channel

Chats that are ended mid-transfer from an Embedded Service Chat Deployment are still being routed via Omni-Channel. They will also show in the Omni Supervisor Panel as a pending chat.

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“Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Article Sidebar in Console

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

The “Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Sidebar component in Console

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Macro fails to change record owner if the action targetted is in the related record component

Sales and Marketing , Service , User Interface , Service Cloud Console , Lightning , Winter 20

A macro that changes the record’s owner field found in the related record component will fail during execution.

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Edit and Refresh tab keyboard shortcut do not work in Lightning Console when the CRUC, “Tab-Focused Dialogs in Lightning Console Apps”, is enabled

Platform , Service , Service Cloud Console , Lightning , Winter 20

When the CRUC, “Tab-Focused Dialogs in Lightning Console Apps”, is enabled, the Edit and Refresh Tab keyboard shortcuts no longer work in Lightning Console.

Scheduled - Spring '20 ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 5 days ago

Article smart link does not open in Classic Console - Lightning platform.

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console , Lightning

Create a smart link on classic knowledge. Create a classic console and make sure the knowledge article is accessible. Setup Lightning Platform and access the Classic Console and open the Smart link article. Click on the smart link and it will open a tab "External Page" which is blank.

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