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“Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Article Sidebar in Console

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

The “Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Sidebar component in Console

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Lightning console workspace tabs disappear in Chrome 80 and Edge Chromium

Service Cloud Console , Lightning

In the console navigation style, the console’s state is auto-saved every 60 seconds, or when a user closes or navigates away from the page. The console’s state includes opened tabs, closed tabs, tab order, and tab customization. In Chrome version 80+ and in Edge Chromium, any console changes newer...

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Error message 'We can’t execute the API because the parent record isn’t selected' while clicking on Reply/Reply All/Forward under Case Feed.

Activities , Platform , Service , Email Clients , Service Cloud Console

In the console app,The error message 'We can’t execute the API because the parent record isn’t selected' is observed on clicking on Reply/Reply All/Forward under Case Feed.

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Chat button takes longer than normal to load

Live Agent , Service Cloud Console

You may notice that your chat button takes very long to load (sometimes around a minute) even when agents are online. This only affects the loading of the button. Chats will go through without any latency. Typically if your website has a different endpoint code than what your org is showing, it...

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Live Chat Transcripts stuck in a status of 'In Progress' or 'Waiting'

Service , Live Agent , Service Cloud Console , Lightning , Omni-Channel , Einstein Bots

An agent leaving a chat and/or visitor ending a chat can result in the Live Chat Transcript record to be lost to race conditions causing the status to become stuck in either “In Progress” or “Waiting”

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Case Merge related list throwing error -745452344

Service , Service Cloud Console , Lightning , Spring 20

In the Spring 20, Organizations can choose to setup Merge Cases to "keep duplicate cases after merge (recommended)". There is also a new related list for Merged Cases. We are finding that if users do not have the 'View all Data' system permission they receive an error instead of the related list...

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Duplicate Rules causing records to not create via Snap-Ins even when they are set up to allow duplicate record creation

Service Cloud Console , Omni-Channel

Duplicate Rules that are set up to allow duplicate record creation are causing issues with Snap-Ins Prechat that is supposed to create records. Intermittently these records will not create in their org.

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Error "The email publisher is unavailable..." when clicking insert article to email action from caseArticle related list in case

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

In Lightning console, you receive Error - "The email publisher is unavailable. Contact your admin to enable the email publisher." when user clicks "Insert article to Email" action from CaseArticle related list in case.

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Macro using 'Apply Email Template' shows "The instruction isn't available." when a custom Email Quick Action API name is "Email"

Service , Service Cloud Console

In Classic, immediately after Saving a newly created Macro comprised of a Select Email Action, the instruction to ‘Apply Email Template’ reverts to ‘The instruction isn't available’. Subsequently attempting to Run the macro results in an error: 'There was an error running the Macro. Take a look...

In Review ·Reported By 32 ·Updated 10 days ago

Refreshing an active embedded service chat will throw an aura error and will be stuck loading for end users

Service , Service Cloud Console , Omni-Channel

Chat end users may run into an error if they are engaged in an active chat within an embedded service widget and the browser window/tab is refreshed.

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