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Scrolling resets when switching between tabs in Service Cloud Console on Chrome 59+

Service Cloud Console

This issue affects the Service Cloud Console app in Chrome 59 and higher versions. When you switch focus from a tab to another one, then return to the first tab, the tab is scrolled to the top but it hasn't been repainted. This means if you try to scroll up nothing happens. But if you try to scroll down...

In Review ·Reported By 94 ·Updated 2 days ago

“Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Article Sidebar in Console

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

The “Email Article as a PDF” or “Attach and Share Article Link” do not function in KB Sidebar component in Console

In Review ·Reported By 114 ·Updated 4 days ago

Case Team Members Losing Access on Case Owner Change

Service , Service Cloud Console

Case Team Members lose access (accrued by their case team roles) to cases they should have access to, when case ownership is updated (to a case team member and then to someone else).

In Review ·Reported By 30 ·Updated 2 days ago

Utility bar covering Global Navigation in the Lightning Console

User Interface , Service Cloud Console , Lightning

An issue has been identified when using Edge 42 in Windows 10 after the April 2018 update where the Utility Bar in the Lightning Console appears at the top of the page, overlapping the Global Navigation bar in the console.

Scheduled - Summer '18 Patch 11.0 ·Reported By 8 ·Updated Yesterday

Editing Live Chat Transcript Details on page layout editor in Lightning gives "Invalid Component" Error

Live Agent , Service Cloud Console , Lightning

When editing the Live Chat Transcript Details component via a Lightning page layout editor, clicking on this will give an "Invalid Component" Error

Scheduled - Winter '19 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated Yesterday

Console History component expands its subtabs but doesn't allow to collapse them back in certain languages (French, Italian, Hebrew...)

User Interface , Service Cloud Console

The UI of the History component of the Console doesn't work correctly when used in languages other than English. You can click the arrow to expand the subtabs but you can't click the arrow to collapse them. The clickable area moved somewhere else.

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated Yesterday

Preview panel may fail to open or reposition itself when hovering over Knowledge Article in standard Lightning app or console app

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console , Summer 18 , Spring 18 , Lightning

Some customers may observe the following behavior in the standard Lightning app or console app when attempting to hover over a Knowledge Article: - the preview panel repositions itself multiple times when attempting to open - the preview panel opens without displaying the respective fields or data -...

Scheduled - Winter '19 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated Yesterday

When resizing a Softphone for a Canvas App CTI adapter does not work as expected

CTI , Service Cloud Console

Resizing a Softphone for a Canvas App CTI adapter does not work as expected. When the default Softphone height and width are used in the UI of the Call Centre, the panel doesn't resize. When you focus away the panel disappears and the following JavaScript error can be observed in the console: Uncaught...

In Review ·Reported By 7 ·Updated 2 days ago

Service Console global search issues when 'View Feed' is selected

Search , Service Cloud Console

Service Console global search isn't working correctly when "Feed View" is being used; old search persists when a new search is made or when a new tab is opened

Scheduled - Summer '18 Patch 11.0 ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 2 days ago

After re-rendering by action UITheme in Visualforce page does not respect Lightning Console UITheme

Service Cloud Console , Summer 18 , Spring 18 , Lightning

If "Enable the Lightning Console UI Theme" critical update is activated, UITheme in Visualforce page should return "Theme4u" in Lightning Console. When VF page is loaded initially in Lightning Console, this feature is working fine. However, after re-rendering by action, UITheme in Visualforce page...

Release In Progress - Summer '18 Patch 10.0 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 4 days ago

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