User Profiles and Permission Sets related to Pardot licensed orgs were modified by Salesforce

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For the latest information on this issue, please read our root cause update: What’s the issue? On May 17, 2019, Salesforce blocked access to certain instances after an incident involving broader permissions being applied to users...

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Scratch orgs hit Internal Server Error when trying to add a role to a user record in the newly created org.


When the customer creates a scratch org they hit an Internal Server Error when trying to add a role to a user record in the new org. The errors can be -2074079576 or -117023207 (or others) R&D have advised that if they wishes to use Salesforce's "out-of-the-box" Roles, they should use a scratch org...

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Scratch org creation fails with Error ID (1203833999) without providing any details on troublesome components/features.

Sandbox , Salesforce DX

Scratch org creation fails with below error without providing details on troublesome components/features. === Component Failures [1] TYPE FILE NAME PROBLEM ───── ───────────────────────────────────── ───────────── ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Error...

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Sandbox Refresh Sometimes Copying References to Paused/Waiting Flows That Exist Only In Production

Platform , Sandbox , Flow , Process Builder

Suppose a process builder exists in production and has scheduled actions appearing in the Paused & Waiting flows section of setup. Sometimes sandbox refreshes are copying the references to the paused and waiting flows into the sandbox, despite the paused flow interviews only actually existing in production. This...

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All Custom Share records are copied to Partial and templated sandboxes regardless of objects selected, which may prevent sharing rule recalculation.

Sharing , Sandbox

Currently Partial and templated Full sandbox copies will copy all custom sharing rows from production, including those for objects not included in the template. This does not inhibit most sandbox operations but, in the case of very large organizations with complex sharing it may cause it to be impossible...

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New!Sandbox post-copy Apex script cannot access Campaign records

Apex , Platform , Sandbox

Sandbox post-copy Apex script cannot create/modify Campaign records. Sandbox post-copy Apex script is executed as an Automated Process user and Automated Process user does not have write access to the Campaign object.

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Partial Sandbox does not complete and enters a Stopped status


Partial Sandbox refreshes can enter a Stopped status and show no additional information on why it did not complete.

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Duplicated usernames can be created in sandbox environments


Duplicate usernames can be created when obfuscated usernames are enabled in sandboxes. This may be detected by experiencing the error “username as duplicate” when attempting to modify a user. According to Salesforce policy, it is required that all usernames must be unique across all Salesforce or...

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Processes with encrypted fields cannot be cloned if Platform Encryption has been disabled

Platform , Metadata , Sandbox , Process Builder , Platform Encryption , Lightning

An error will occur when trying to clone a process that references a field that was once encrypted using Platform Encryption. Error: Your org doesn't support encrypted fields in processes. Remove the reference to "myVariable_current.custom_fieldname__c". This occurs for Orgs that once had Platform...

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Package installation in Summer '19 preview sandboxes can fail with error number 1007196424 or 947835552

AppExchange , Packaging , Sandbox , Partner , Summer 19

When attempting to install a subset of packages in a Summer '19 preview sandbox, customer's will receive an email with errors that are similar to the following: Organization: Adam's Demo Org (00D230000008sJP) User: Adam Lamb (00537000000RfMd) Package: <Package Name Here> (04tXX000000XXXX) Error...

Fixed - Summer '19 Patch 9.0 ·Reported By 37 ·Updated 11 days ago

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