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Salesforce Billing Hosted Payment Site does not work with Secure guest user record access enabled

Salesforce Billing

Salesforce will be rolling out a security update: "Summer 20 enforcement of Guest User Org-Wide Defaults and Sharing Model Security Update". If this update is activated then "Secure guest user record access." checkbox gets enabled. When this setting is enabled, guest users: -Have org-wide defaults...

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Payment Center - Cybersource ACH Service (Wells Fargo treasury relationship) is failing with phone number as required field

Salesforce Billing

In CyberSource for Salesforce Billing managed package, using Cybersource as the payment gateway with Wells Fargo treasury relationship results into an error, "Gateway Response : 101 Gateway Status : null" when sending an electronic check payment Checking Transaction manager in Cybersource, the response...

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Cancel An Amended Order Product Creates An Extra Invoice when there is a Discount Schedule on the product

Salesforce Billing

When there is one amendment to increase quantity and then a later amendment to cancel the entire subscription, an additional invoice is created due to incorrect cancellation/termination behavior. This happens when the product has a discount schedule.

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Invoice Run fails when Grouped by PO Number and there are PO Numbers that differ by upper and lower case only

Salesforce Billing

Use Case is one Account with several Orders to have their Invoices grouped by PO Number on one Invoice Run with two (or more) of those Orders having a duplicate PO Number with the exception that they differ by lowercase or uppercase only. The Invoice Run creates the invoices in draft with no lines,...

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Invoice Grouping does not work for amendment Orders

Salesforce Billing

Invoice Grouping on the Order Product does not work correctly when one of the orders to be grouped is an amendment order.

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Payment Allocations - with multiple lines to allocate against a Payment the Amounts are not correct on all lines

Salesforce Billing

Payment Allocations do not allocate successfully to Invoice Lines when multiple Invoice Lines exist related to one Invoice record.

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Block Priced Products create incorrect cancellation invoice lines and credit note

Salesforce Billing

Cancelling a block priced product bills the remainder of the subscription term and credits the full term on the final invoice instead of just crediting the already-billed portion of a subscription. This is incorrect from an accounting standard and can be confusing.

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Non-SBQQ Managed Package Fields Do Not Twin

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) , Salesforce Billing

Fields from non-CPQ managed packages do not twin after upgrading to CPQ 222. This does not affect any packages installed from the the CPQ install link page.

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2020-02-26

Salesforce CPQ- Leap Day being included in Denominator of Prorate Multiplier despite no Leap Day being in the Quoted Period

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) , Salesforce Billing

When Quoting subscriptions for time periods that do not include Leap Day, 366 days are being used in the denominator of the Prorate Multiplier. We should be using 365 days for these time periods. For example, set the Start Date for the Quote Line to 4/1/2019 and End Date to 10/31/2019, when calculate...

In Review ·Reported By 21 ·Updated 2020-02-24

Apex CPU Timeout when Closing Finance Period in Salesforce Billing

Salesforce Billing

Apex CPU Timeout appears when setting Period Status = Closed. This is directly related to the total Revenue Transaction records associated to a Finance Period. From internal testing, the error appears if there are 6000 or more Revenue Transaction associated to a single Finance Period. This threshold...

No Fix ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2020-02-24

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