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Standard buttons fail to work - Browser JavaScript Console shows error: navWithToken is not defined at HTMLInputElement.onclick

Platform , Sales and Marketing , Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) , Salesforce Billing

Standard buttons in Salesforce will appear to do nothing when clicked. This includes Activate Order, Activate Contract, Convert Lead, Freeze User, Submit for Approval and others. This seems to be limited to organizations on the Spring '19 platform.

Release In Progress - Spring '19 Patch 6.0 ·Reported By 67 ·Updated Yesterday

Revenue Recognition fails on Order Activation and Invoice Posting

Salesforce Billing

Users can no longer create Revenue Schedules and Revenue Transactions after activating orders and/or posting invoices. This makes it impossible to do revenue recognition.

In Review ·Reported By 33 ·Updated Today

Contracting cancellation order for order product with invoice plan hitting next billing date validation, failing

Salesforce Billing

Email error received when contracting the cancellation order: Error type: System.DmlException Reason for error: Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Can't change the billing date for order products whose billing frequency...

In Review ·Reported By 4 ·Updated Yesterday

Revenue Transactions only Generate for Revenue Schedules created in first Revenue Schedule DML of a Process

Salesforce Billing

If there is custom code running in an org that will perform multiple insert DMLs against the blng__RevenueSchedule__c object, the queueable job that creates Revenue Transactions will not complete for all inserted Revenue Schedules. It will only complete for the Revenue Schedules which we a part of the...

In Review ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 3 days ago

Cancellation Order for Arrears Product billed once can not be activated due to error " Enter an override date that's after the next billing date"

Salesforce Billing

Activating an amendment order that cancels an order throws an error under the following circumstances: -Product is charge type Arrears -Billing Rule is Amendment Bill Cycle Date Alignment: Align to original Order Product -Order is cancelled within the first billing cycle

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 15 days ago

Bill To Contact and Payment Method fields not automatically populated on Invoice

Salesforce Billing

The "Bill To Contact" and "Payment Methods" are not populated on an Invoice upon creation.

No Fix ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 16 days ago

Payments can be unallocated twice

Salesforce Billing

Under certain circumstances, one can unallocate a payment twice from an invoice line resulting in a payment balance for twice the amount of the original payment and an invoice balance for twice the amount of the original invoice.

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 18 days ago

Cash payment to Invoice Line with Debit Note line allocated will not allocate payment to full Invoice Line amount including Debit Note

Salesforce Billing

When an invoice line has a debit note allocation, the Payment Allocation Visualforce (VF) page for allocating payments will not allow paying off the invoice line balance entirely. It will only allow paying off the full amount of the invoice line. The Debit Note Lines remains unpaid. There appears to...

In Review ·Reported By 8 ·Updated 21 days ago

Invoicing fails when End Date is null or the same as Start Date on Order Product

Salesforce Billing

1. On Order Product (OP), when End Date = Start Date the first invoice is correct. After posting that invoice, another invoice line can be generated for 0.00. This will continue to happen every time that OP meets the criteria to be invoiced. 2 When the OP has no End Date, it will never generate an...

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 29 days ago

Payment Center: Currency input field is not respecting the locale

Salesforce Billing

In orgs that are set to a locale that uses a comma for the decimal separator, users can not enter a number in one of the Billing VF pages using the comma as the decimal separator.

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2018-12-19

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