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User gets an 'insufficient access rights on object id' error when transferring a record in Lightning Experience

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

Users with 'Transfer Record' permission and Edit access on an object (e.g. Opportunity) may get an 'insufficient access rights on object id' error when transferring a record of that type to another user in Lightning. The issue would only affect users who do not have Read/Write access to the record...

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Forecasts view in Lightning Experience doesn't respect the date format defined by the User's Locale

Sales and Marketing , User Interface , Lightning

Forecasts listView in Lightning Experience displays date fields with a MM/DD/YYYY format no matter what's the User's Locale.

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Lightning Experience - Sales Price and Quantity appear as editable fields in product line items with Schedule

Sales and Marketing , User Interface , Lightning

The fields Sales Price and Quantity are editable in LEX for the Product Line Items that has a Schedule. These fields are not editable in classic.

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Line Items are Not Populated for New Quotes in Lightning Experience

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

Organizations may find that Quote Line Items are not getting added to New Quotes created by certain users in Lightning Experience. However, line items do get added if the same user creates the quote via Classic.

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Connection Error displayed in Firefox when navigating away from Live Agent Supervisor

Platform , Sales and Marketing , User Interface

When switching away from Live Agent supervisor to another tab (like Accounts, Contacts, etc.), a disconnect error is shown in the primary tab, but only when using Firefox.

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User with View All on Accounts receives "Insufficient Privileges" message upon searching person accounts

Sales and Marketing , Search , Sharing

This behavior occurs in orgs where person accounts has been enabled and org wide defaults for accounts are set to private with contacts set to controlled by parent. When a user is assigned a profile that grants them "View All" on the account object but not on the contact object, they may intermittently...

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Forecast Category Field Missing Pencil Icon in Lightning

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

In Lightning Experience, the Forecast Category field is inline editable by the Opportunity Owner. However, the pencil icon does not appear next to the field.

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Lightning: Product Names in 'Products Related List' Missing (Blank) w/o Price Book Access

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

Users without at least ‘View Only’ access to Price Books cannot see correlating Product Names (labels) in the Products Related List in Lightning Experience.

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Internal Server Error with Duplicate Matching rule filtering encrypted fields

Sales and Marketing ,

The customer may report that when use Platform Encryption & Duplicate Management with encrypted custom field, it generates the internal server error (example below). Error ID: 1552025370-12478 (983828907)

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Lightning - Sales Price (UnitPrice) field should be optional on Quick Action Layout, if BT perm "Supply default opportunity line item values" is on

Sales and Marketing , Lightning

Sales Price should be an optional field when the "Supply default opportunity line item values" perm is on. However, it is not in Lightning Experience or Salesforce 1.

No Fix ·Reported By 19 ·Updated 16 days ago

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