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Email Alerts to Account Team are not sent from Workflow on Activities

Workflow , Process Builder

An Email Alert on Task or Event with "Account Team" recipients does not send an email to those Account Team Members, even when triggered by a Task/Event that is related to an Account.

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Signing up an org with trialforce template changes formula from custom field name to fieldID from the origin org

Process Builder

When a Process Builder in a TSO org includes formulas referring to custom fields, those references become replaced with the Ids of the custom fields when a trialforce template is created. This causes the process to be invalid in orgs created using that trialforce template.

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New!Apex tests to validate Process Builder formula fails while deploying Process Builder via API

Apex , API , Metadata , Process Builder

When the process builder uses a very big formula. Running apex tests while deploying Process Builder using API to validate Process Builder fails with an error.

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Process Builder Error with Duplicate Management and State and Country Picklists enabled

Platform , Process Builder

If there is a Duplicate rule on Account and the matching rule matching the Billing State fields with State & Country picklists enabled, and a process builder process which updates account fields on create/edit, creation of a duplicate account record will fail with a "Failed to Trigger a Flow" error ...

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Flow with lightning component does not carry the changed values into next screen when toggling between Previous and Next screens

Sandbox , Flow , Process Builder , Lightning , Winter 20

After entering values in the flow screen and clicking NEXT and then going back to the previous screen by clicking on the Previous button, changing the value and clicking Next, the changed values are not carried over.

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Process Builder Consumes a lot of CPU Time

Process Builder

When Process Builder is set to run on Cases and a large number of records are loaded, the Process Builder can consume a lot of CPU time, even when the imported records don't meet the requirements for the Process to run.

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Delays seen in processing messages of some Time Based Workflows & Scheduled Actions in Process Builder

Performance , Workflow , Messaging , Flow , Process Builder

Salesforce is seeing some delays of over 40 minutes in the processing of time based workflows and scheduled actions in Process Builder which may cause stacking of workflows and delay in creation of records depending on the setup of the action.

Release In Progress - Winter '20 Patch 11.5 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 6 days ago

Updating percentage fields with process builder using a referenced value from a percent formula field in the parent object produces incorrect value

Platform , Workflow , Process Builder

Updating percentage fields with process builder using a referenced value from a percent formula field in the parent object produces incorrect value

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Processes that try to update certain user fields upon user edit, throws an Internal Server Error

Process Builder

Using a process to update either or both of the following fields during user creation or modification can cause an Internal server error (ISE): UserPreferencesReceiveNoNotificationsAsApprover UserPreferencesReceiveNotificationsAsDelegatedApprover Example ISEs: Salesforce Error ID: 1269375445-48832...

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Process builder process elements are blank when installed via unlocked package

Process Builder , Salesforce DX

Elements for a Process installed in Scratch Org are blank when installing an unlocked package

In Review ·Reported By 17 ·Updated 11 days ago

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