Deployment fails with duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown> error

Platform , Custom Objects , Metadata

Metadata Deployment fails if there is history tracking in custom lookup field with look up filters, when the filter refers to a field with tracking to custom object in the same deployment transaction.

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Lightning for Outlook getting Internal Server Errors when adding email w/attachment (.pdf or inline image)

Platform , Outlook

"We couldn't relate your email to this record. Close Lightning for Outlook and open it again. Then, try to relate your email to the Salesforce record" "We couldn't include your attachment. Try adding the attachments to your record in Salesforce. An internal server error has occurred. Error ID (xxxxx-xxxx)...

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Unable to Manually Add Influential Campaigns (Customizable Campaign Influence) Without View Setup & Configuration Perm

Campaigns , Platform

Users with the marketing checkbox, CRM User or Sales User perm set license, Read/Edit on Opportunities, and Read on Campaigns, should be able to manually add a campaign to the Campaign Influence Related List on Opportunities. Users with all of these permissions, but without "View Setup and Configuration"...

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Process Builder Error with Duplicate Management and State and Country Picklists enabled

Platform , Process Builder

If there is a Duplicate rule on Account and the matching rule matching the Billing State fields with State & Country picklists enabled, and a process builder process which updates account fields on create/edit, creation of a duplicate account record will fail with a "Failed to Trigger a Flow" error ...

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ISCHANGED() Evaluating to True in Process Builder When No Change Was Made

Platform , Process Builder

Process builder criteria node with ISCHANGED() function on rich text field is always returning true even if no change is made to the field.

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Contact Validation rule on "Salutation" is always true when the contact is created from a Community or Lightning by a user with Locale Chinese (China)


A validation rule in contacts that checks if the Salutation field is blank, evaluates always to true when the contact is created from a Community or Lightning Interface by a user with Locale Chinese (China).

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"Review the Errors on This Page" message when sending email as Customer Community Plus User

Platform , Portal , Email Clients , Communities

When Customer Community Plus users navigate to a record in a Lightning-based community (such as Napili Customer Service), and they try to send an email from that record using the activity composer, they will be met with a generic 'review the errors on this page' message despite having all of the fields...

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A formula field with a result of NULL causes SOQL retreival to fail

API , Platform , Custom Objects

When creating a Formula Field with a formula of the value NULL, SOQL queries fail with "ORA-00920: invalid relational operator".

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For community guest users, Contact Support Form returns successful case submission message when an invalid email is used

Platform , Communities , Spring 18

For community guest users, Contact Support Form returns successful case submission message when an invalid email is used Contact Support Form

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New!Email-to-Case error unexpected error encountered while processing Error ID : xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx (-756636259)

Activities , Platform , Email Clients

Inbound Email-to-Case emails from a specific domain are getting unexpected error encountered while processing - Example Error: An unexpected error occurred while processing an incoming email. Please contact Customer Support with the Error ID below. Error ID : xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx...

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