Clients are experiencing 500 server error when trying to post to LinkedIn


Clients are trying to post a LinkedIn social message from Pardot, and instead they see the following generic error when the post fails: "An error occurred while sending the social message."

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Prospect account variable tags not populating when using "Enable prospect preview" in email editor


On the 'Building' step of the email editor, there is an option to preview the email with a random prospect's information — "Enable prospect preview" While prospect variable tags are populated, prospect account variable tags are left in their raw variable tag form.

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Prospect's Source Campaign is lost when converting leads in accounts with "Allow Multiple Prospects with Same Email Address" enabled


When a lead in a Pardot account that has “Allow Multiple Prospects with Same Email Address” (AMPSEA) enabled is converted in the associated Salesforce account, we create a new prospect to associate with the contact, and we will merge in the old prospect. However, since the new prospect was technically...

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New!Account currency setting not respected when displaying symbol


When viewing reports that deal with currency, reports display the correct currency symbol according to their account's settings

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'Sync from HTML' can add odd indents in text version of email


When using the 'Sync from HTML' option, some emails may have odd indents introduced into the text version of the email.

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Images added to a responsive email template do not have responsive css added


When editing a responsive email template and adding or replacing a placeholder image, the image's dimensions are explicitly set in the template's HTML. A responsive image should have a max-width defined versus just a width. This prevents the image from properly resizing and being responsive with...

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Email preference page does not use HTTPS action url when loading HTTPS version of page


When attempting to load an email preference center page over HTTPS using the process described in this article:, the form's action attribute uses the default page URL instead of the

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"Click-Through Rate Report" in Email Reports excludes deleted prospects


The Click-through Rate report excludes prospects who have been archived. This can cause confusion since the main email report click table will still account for prospects who have been deleted.

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LinkedIn posts with links can have stat discrepancy for "likes" and "comments"


If a LinkedIn post contains a link, any "Likes" and "Comments" will not show as being counted on the individual post read page (for example,

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Windows Chrome/IE users without Excel can't upload CSVs for import


If a Windows user does not have Excel installed on their computer, can't upload csv's to Pardot for import if using Chrome or Internet Explorer. Chrome, IE, and Firefox don't have csv filteype mapping by default. Windows machines that don't have Excel installed don't know the mime-type of a csv file....

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