Unable to notify admins upon AdWords connector creation


We are seeing an issue with our AdWords API verification when attempting to create new AdWords connectors in Pardot. This issue is only affecting new customers when they setup an AdWords connector in Pardot, or current customers when they attempt to reverify.

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Sales user role cannot view anonymous/unassociated visitors shown in their daily report email


Sales users get a permission error when trying to view visitor page view details for anonymous visitors when clicking the link from the daily visitor report email.

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Folder permissions on Engagement Studio lists prevents user from seeing any list and adding any new lists to the program


If a user is restricted from seeing one of the lists in an ES program (due to folder permissions), they won't be able to see any of them nor add more lists

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Search marketing keywords stuck 'Waiting for results'


Stats GOOGLE MONTHLY VOLUME, GOOGLE CPC, RANKING DIFFICULTY have been 'Waiting for Results' since mid-October.

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Engage Team Reports: "Sent at" timestamp is not locale-aware


Users who use a locale that designates a different formatting for dates (Case in point: UK is dd/mm/yyyy as opposed to USA which is mm/dd/yyyy) will experience broken date stamps on the Engage Team Reports tab. The Engage Team Reports tab shows a bunch of "NaN" values for "sent at" dates for anyone...

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Users may see an ”Image Source URL is missing" error when uploading an image within the landing page builder


When trying to upload a new image on a Landing Page with a Layout Template (as opposed to one with a stock template), the user may be presented with an “Image source URL is missing” error message. This prevents the user from uploading the desired image to their Landing Page.

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504 Gateway timeout errors when viewing list email reports


When viewing list email reports, sometimes the page times out and presents 504 Gateway timeout error.

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Engage License Assignment Tab doesn't assign license to user record


Assigning Engage License via license assignment tab doesn't populate the license on salesforce user.

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Table action queued confirmation message can show incorrect prospect count


When performing a table action on 200 or more prospects on a list, the prospect count in the confirmation message "N records were queued to be [action]. You will be notified..." can be incorrect because the count will include all non-deleted prospects who have ever been on the list.

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The “Pardot Social Data” VisualForce page is missing the “fid” parameter for “pi__PardotAccountSocialData” in AMPSEA accounts


When the Pardot Social Data VisualForce page is added to a Person Account page layout in SFDC, the VF page presents a “No fid provided” error. In looking at the code for the Account, Lead, and Contact VF pages (Setup > Build > Develop > VisualForce Pages), we can see that both the Lead and Contact...

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