Google Analytics parameters aren't captured if first touch is through email tracker URL


If a link in an email contains UTM parameters and a prospect's very first touch point is clicking that link, because the email tracker activity is the prospect's first touch, the UTM parameters are not captured for the prospect.

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[Salesforce] Pardot help drawer does not work when inside of Salesforce iframe


While using the Pardot tab within Salesforce, the help drawer does not load.

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Salesforce connector can incorrectly warn about missing connector permissions


If a connector username isn't assigned to a Pardot user, we look in connector_metadata and pull the first result. In some cases this is not the connector user. Pardot then checks the wrong user's CRM permissions and could potentially warn about missing permissions even though there may not be...

Fixed ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 6 days ago

Updated account name doesn't sync back to all prospects


When a prospect account has its name updated (in Pardot), the 'Company' field on related prospects doesn't always get updated automatically.

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Some email completion actions can become unavailable depending on how they are added


Some email completion actions can become unavailable for use for other prospect actions depending on how they are added to an email draft. Email completion actions can be applied in 3 scenarios: * a prospect opens the email * a prospect clicks a link * a prospect unsubscribes When creating a...

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Pardot buttons "Send to Pardot" and "Send Pardot Email" are not Lightning compatible


The Pardot buttons "Send to Pardot" and "Send Pardot Email" are not Lightning compatible because they use JavaScript which is not supported in Lightning.

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LinkedIn Search string format is being deprecated


Linkedin is changing up their UI and with it some of their user features - namely search. With this change Pardot's current search string is becoming invalid. See: The result of these...

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HTML signature editor does not show when editing own user profile


When a user tries to edit their HTML signature, the graphical does not appear where it should next to HTML Email Signature line.

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Merging 2 synced records in SFDC can result in prospect in Pardot to lose sync


Merging two records in Salesforce can result in the prospect to not sync with the appropriate record in Salesforce.

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Side panel for Engage for Gmail only loads if Gmail is in English


If Gmail's language is set to something other than English, the Engage side panel will not load.

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