Users may see “Attempt to de-reference a null object ” errors if the “Send to Pardot” button on Person Accounts or Contacts times out


If the API call to Pardot from the "Send to Pardot" button on a Person Account or Contact takes longer than 5 seconds, the user may see an “Attempt to de-reference a null object ” error. The prospect still syncs because of this action, however, the user is presented with a misleading error.

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Scoring Category SOQL issue preventing Contact/Lead deletion


If an org has more than 200,000 individual scoring category scores, then attempted deletion of a Contact record will return the following error: "Non-selective query against large object type (more than 200000 rows)" and the deletion will not process. This issue is caused by a SOQL query inside the...

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[CRM] 0 does not sync to number fields in Salesforce


When a field in Pardot that is mapped to a number field in Salesforce is set to 0, the value does not show up in Salesforce.

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Fix Missing List Email Tracked Links


Customers unable to sync activities due to a missing tracked link on a list email. Activities cannot be synced without the tracked link information, and, as a result, this could cause missing Engagement History as well as discrepancies in reporting for emails activity.

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Adding an image to a text area in the Landing Page editor does not work


Users currently cannot add an image to a text area via the Landing Page editor.

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Lightning for Outlook search bar/security display issue


Using a Pardot visualforce component on a lead/contact page layout may result in a yellow banner/inability to see search bar in Lightning for Outlook.

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Email Template Report Page Can Time Out


Some email templates with many opens can experience page time out when attempting to load template reports such as 'Total Bounced' or 'Unique HTML Opens'.

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Nesting Pardot-regions in email editor can break table format


If nesting pardot-regions within table elements, this can cause the editor to break the formatting of the table when clicking on a section to edit. For example, placing a pardot-region on a <td> cell that has a nested table with more regions can cause the formatting to break when attempting to edit...

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Custom field value not saved from form submission for some prospects in specific state


Prospects that are manually created or edited and saved in Pardot can have values they provide in custom fields on forms not save. A prospect created or edited this way will have an empty string saved to any custom fields that are not provided a value during the save or edit process. This issue...

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Unable to add prospects to Salesforce campaigns from Pardot Engagement Studio when connected campaigns enabled

Campaigns , Pardot

When Connected Campaigns are enabled, it is currently not possible to use the action 'add to campaign' in Pardot Engagement Studio.

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