Engagement History dashboard might display an "Unexpected Error"


Engagement History dashboard might display an "Unexpected Error" if the campaign record contains a text formula field looking at the parent record. For example "Parent.Name"

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Engage Alerts incorrectly showing "insufficient privileges" image in Sales Console view

User Interface , Pardot

- Engage Alerts incorrectly showing "insufficient privileges" image in Sales Console View - Engage Alerts works outside of the console - Data is correct in both views (console and classic) but the UI is showing the lock icon/privileges error when it shouldn't.

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Open XML based Office files become corrupted when uploaded to Salesforce's Engage Campaign editor


XML format Office files (e.g., .docx, .pptx) become corrupted when they are uploaded through the Engage Campaign editor's attachment feature.

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Pardot can display duplicate Opportunity Activities in Opportunity Audits Visitor Activities


When syncing over opportunity activities between Salesforce and Pardot, Pardot can create duplicate Opportunities that will be displayed in the Opportunity audit and the Visitor Activity section of a prospect

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Engage Reports & Pardot VisualForce Pages Don't Work In Safari when Prevent Cross-site Tracking is Enabled


When the "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" setting is enabled in Safari, the Engage Reports page won't load, and you can't navigate in the Pardot visualforce page (i.e. Add to Pardot List visualforce element).

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Non-primary tracker domains do not track custom redirect activity


When using a non-primary domain on an account, prospects who click on custom redirects are not tracking click activity. Custom redirects will not work on tracked domains that are non-primary. This includes tracker domains that have may have been primary in the past, but are no longer primary.

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Custom Field IDs can have the same id as Default Handlebars Merge Fields, interfering with values in emails


Currently, Pardot allows a custom field's ID to match the unique portion of a handlebars merge field. When this occurs, that merge field will then pull data from the custom field instead of the default field documented here: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=pardot_handlebars_merge_fields.h...

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List Email Statistics export does not work when there's too much data


When trying to export large amounts of data from the List Email Stats screen, no export email is received.

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Engagement studio rule allows semicolons in prospect field inputs for dropdown type fields


Prospect field rule allows semicolons to be entered in input for dropdown type fields. This is not allowed for text type fields and shows "Multiple values not allowed". A customer can incorrectly assume that semicolons can be used for dropdown type fields as if multiple values could be entered.

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B2BMA Pardot Opportunities Dataset Issues


Because the Pardot Opportunity datasets currently are based on prospect lifecycle stages instead of the opportunity itself, there are potential problems when a single prospect has multiple opportunities.

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