[Engagement Studio] Large programs can cause "Program Locked" error when adding an extra node


If a program is quite large and has many nodes, it can take a long time to add an additional node, which eventually causes a "Program Locked" Error. Users can get "locked out" of programs even though a Pardot user didn't end their editing session.

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Data discrepancies in engagement metrics on Pardot connected campaigns and marketing assets in Salesforce


Our engineering team has identified issues with the Campaign Engagement History beta which can lead to data discrepancies in the engagement metrics data provided on marketing assets and campaigns in Salesforce. This can lead to the following outcomes after connecting Pardot and Salesforce campaigns: *...

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Folder Selection window shows blank folder list in IE11


A user trying to create a new asset on IE11 will not be able to because the folder selection window will come up blank folder list.

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Unable to add prospects to Salesforce campaigns from Pardot Engagement Studio when connected campaigns enabled

Campaigns , Pardot

When Connected Campaigns are enabled, it is currently not possible to use the action 'add to Salesforce.com campaign' in Pardot Engagement Studio.

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Unsynced SSO-users cannot access Pardot with IP Security Enabled


For Pardot accounts with IP Security set to "Enabled", SSO-only users from a non-whitelisted IP that log in to Salesforce and attempt to view the Pardot tab see a message saying they've been emailed an activation location email. However, no email is actually sent to the user. Synced SSO Users are fine,...

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Deleting the Salesforce Connector in an account with User Sync will cause styling issues in Pardot


If you have user sync enabled and delete your Salesforce connector, the backend styling template isn't loaded properly. This causes the page to look different than the rest of the Pardot app.

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Paid Search Campaign report does not paginate results and can time out


The Paid Search Campaign report table does not properly paginate results and will attempt to load all stats at once. Some stats in the 'Paid Search Campaign' report can display 'Calculating' for a long time and eventually time out. This can happen when selecting a large date range and/or when an...

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Table Filters can cause certain tables to be removed from Campaign Reports in Pardot


If the date filter for one of the statistics tables on a campaign report yields no results, the table is not loaded next time the campaign report page is loaded.

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Connected campaigns with a past end/archive date showing in both connected and archived views


The archive date of a connected campaign will be determined by the end date of the Salesforce campaign. When a campaign's archive date is in the past (archive date < today), that campaign will show in both the 'Connected' and 'Archived' campaigns view on the campaign table.

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Multi-byte characters text email inserts unwanted line break when the line ending at 37 characters


Only text version of email with Japanese characters is causing unwanted line break when the line ends at 37 characters position. If the first line has 37 characters mixed with single byte characters and multibyte characters, the unnecessary blank line gets inserted between the first line and the...

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