Repeated "opportunity dissociated" prospect activities can appear in certain rare cases


Under certain circumstances that are not yet entirely clear, some prospects in Pardot may wind up showing duplicate "Opportunity Dissociated" prospect activities in the activity list. Sometimes dozens of them. This happens even though the opportunity in question has not been modified, deleted, or hidden...

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New!Unique PageAction Export View Count is Incorrect


When we export unique page action views table, we will only ever have 1 view per prospect even though the table in the app may have many views for a prospect

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Cannot delete campaign associated with archived connector


Even if a connector associated with a campaign is archived, attempting to delete the campaign results in an error: This Campaign cannot be deleted because it is being used by a connector.

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[API] Assets Created Via The API Aren't Added To Folders


Assets like lists, campaigns, and emails (including 1-1s) that are created via the API aren't added to folders upon creation. These assets are only added to the general 'Uncategorized' folder once a nightly backend process runs to add abandoned assets to the uncategorized folder. *Note* 1-1 emails...

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FullContact can sometimes return incorrect information, which then gets cached and never updated


Sometimes, FullContact returns the wrong information associated with an email address. Pardot caches this information and can retain even if even if FullContact updates the information associated with this email address.

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When using the Pardot API, ordering by fields such as “created_at” can return repeat results, as the “created_at” timestamp may not be unique


If there are a lot of records with the exact same created_at timestamp, we may see the same result(s) get returned in multiple groups of offsets when using the “sort_by=created_at” parameter.  I.e., the same record could be returned in calls with both offset=200 and offset=400 parameters if there are...

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Engage History - Engage Alerts Won't Show Page Views For Identified Companies


When selecting a card in the Engage Alerts panel, under the Identified Company Column, we won't display the links to the page views. Instead, we display "No Page view found" and doesn't show which page the visitor views.

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Intermittent security error when paging through “Prospect Activities” VisualForce page in Salesforce


Users with the “Sales” user role (or a custom role without the ability to view Visitors) are sometimes presented with a Security Error when trying to go past the first page of the “Prospect Activities” VF page for a Lead/Contact they own in Salesforce

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Engage License Assignment Tab doesn't assign license to user record


Assigning Engage License via license assignment tab doesn't populate the license on salesforce user.

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"Maximum call stack size exceeded" is being displayed on the Visitors page


Customers are seeing "Maximum call stack size exceeded" when navigating to the the visitors page.

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