Search marketing keywords stuck 'Waiting for results'


Stats GOOGLE MONTHLY VOLUME, GOOGLE CPC, RANKING DIFFICULTY have been 'Waiting for Results' since mid-October.

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Firefox Not showing Selected Operation Value Correctly For Prospect Field Value Action when editing in Engagement Program Build tab


When you enter the edit mode by using FireFox as browser, the saved selected operation value (How?) didn't get loaded in "Change Prospect Field Value" action. It always shows the value 'Change', which is the first value in dropdown list.

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The “Send Pardot Email” button does not return users to the correct page in the Salesforce Console


When using the Salesforce Console in SFDC, the “Send Pardot Email” button returns users to the Lead/Contact read screen in Salesforce Classic or Lightning (vs. returning them to the Console).

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Addthis Forward to a Friend feature is not correctly encoding spaces in subject lines


The Addthis Forward to a Friend feature is populating the email subject line with + symbols in place of spaces.

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'Enable Prospect Preview' may incorrectly show raw variable tags


The 'Enable Prospect Preview' feature in the email editor will merge variable tags with information from a selection of random prospects. Changes were made to the prospect preview feature to restrict users without permissions to view prospect data from seeing prospect data. Instead of merging with...

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Salesforce Engage: Line break added to top of Engage editor when loading a template


When loading a Pardot template in the Salesforce Engage editor, a line break is inserted at the top of the email.

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Tools options on segmentation rule prospect preview table do not work


The 'Tools' dropdown menu found on the top right of the prospect preview table for a segmentation rule do not function. The options in the dropdown include: * Add To List * CSV Export * Print

Fixed ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 5 days ago

Daily Prospect Report activity email has potentially confusing timestamps


When compiling the active prospect information for Daily Prospect Reports, Pardot shows the first activity from the day before but includes the timestamp from the prospect’s last activity. This can lead to confusion if comparing the timestamps in the report with those on the prospect record.

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If a user has a custom role, they can't switch into Agency Accounts even with the proper permissions to do so


If a user has a custom role in an agency account and tries to switch into a child account, they will get an error and won't be able to do anything in the child account, even though they have the permission to switch into that account.

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Campaign selector cutting off some campaign names


The campaign selector may cut off some campaign names that are saved in folders with a lengthy folder structure.

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