Time zone conversions for items based on a "day" do not function properly


Anywhere Pardot displays a value with an incomplete timestamp containing only a date (reporting stats or "all day" calendar events), Pardot doesn't convert it properly respective to the user's time zone. Users west of EST will get Day N "converted" to Day N-1, and users far enough east can have Day N...

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Images added to a responsive email template do not have responsive css added


When editing a responsive email template and adding or replacing a placeholder image, the image's dimensions are explicitly set in the template's HTML. A responsive image should have a max-width defined versus just a width. This prevents the image from properly resizing and being responsive with...

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Send to Pardot throwing de-reference null object Apex errors


When clicking the 'Send to Pardot' button, some users may see the error 'Attempt to de-reference a null object’

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[API] Assets Created Via The API Aren't Added To Folders


Assets like lists, campaigns, and emails (including 1-1s) that are created via the API aren't added to folders upon creation. These assets are only added to the general 'Uncategorized' folder once a nightly backend process runs to add abandoned assets to the uncategorized folder. *Note* 1-1 emails...

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Email editor not saving changes in HTML tab when using Firefox


When using Firefox, changes made in the HTML tab of the email editor may not save or be visible in the Editor.

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Incorrect 'matches' value for automation exports


When exporting automation rules set to repeat, the 'Matches' value can be incorrect for any exports over 200 prospects.

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Some URL parameters in tracked links can cause the click-through report to show 'No Data'


Some URL parameters found in tracked links in emails can cause the 'Click-through Rate Report' to show 'No Data' for links even if there are link clicks. Parameters that have similar ACII codes/HTML codes cause this issue. Two example URLS: http://www.example.com?test=VALUE&center=VALUE http://www.example.com?test=VALUE&region=VALUE The...

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Total Mailable Prospects number on Sending step of email wizard can timeout for operational emails


When sending an operational email, the 'Total Mailable Prospects' count on the Sending step can timeout for some accounts. The total can either show 0 mailable prospects or have the spinning icon spin indefinitely.

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Custom prospect table exports don't send notification emails to agency users


If an agency user exports a custom prospect table, the email generated by Pardot with the link to download the data is never sent.

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Users may see “Attempt to de-reference a null object ” errors if the “Send to Pardot” button on Person Accounts times out


If the API call to Pardot from the "Send to Pardot" button on a Person Account takes longer than 5 seconds, the user may see an “Attempt to de-reference a null object ” error. The prospect still syncs because of this action, however, the user is presented with a misleading error.

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