Salesforce Known Issues

Long sync times for newly created Connected Campaigns


With Connected Campaigns enabled, newly created Salesforce campaigns are sometimes taking excessive amounts of time to sync down to Pardot.

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Users unable to open links in Pardot Lightning App using "Open Link in New Tab” option


If you try to open a link in the Pardot Lightning App in a new browser tab or window, the new tab will return error "Page not found". Please make sure that the url is valid."

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Clicking "Merge Fields" button in Engage Email Editor in Salesforce blanks out editor after upgrading to HML


After upgrading to HML in Pardot, when trying to use the "Merge Fields" button to insert HML merge fields, instead of showing the Merge field selector, the editor becomes blank instead. When trying to populate the Merge Fields window, special characters in the field names of the Pardot fields are...

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Unable to assign prospect to users with abilities to switch between Business Units


When doing an import, Pardot is not able to assigned the prospect the user that have the capacity to switch between business unit in the Pardot Lightning App.

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Converting leads using 3rd-party software may throw errors


Converting leads using 3rd-party software may throw the following error: "There was an error converting the lead. Please resolve the following error and try again: AccountTrigger: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: System.SObjectException: Invalid field isPersonAccount for Account Class.pi.RandomUtils.hasPersonAccounts:...

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New![Pardot Lightning App] Unable to Add Pardot Profiles for Pardot user sync


Users are occasionally unable to properly save their user profile changes on the Salesforce connector page's 'User Sync' tab. Though the success message appears at the top of the page, if the user navigates away from the page and returns, the changes aren't always applied.

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Certain delated assets can still resolve


If a user were to delete an asset - for example a multivariate test, it will still resolve the content of the url.

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FR-locale-formatted numbers are rendered incorrectly in campaign reports


Numbers formatted in the French local include a non-breaking space to separate thousands. This NBSP is getting doubly escaped in the List Email Stats data table of campaign reports.

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Converted Leads still showing after conversion when sending engage email


If a lead has been sent an engage email and is converted, the record still shows in the leads only recipients pane when they should be removed.

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New!PaidSearch Keyword Export & Data table stats can differ if in non-eastern timezone


Customers in non-eastern timezones can see different numbers in the Paid Search Keyword report in pi ( vs the export of that table

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