Tabs added to an app are overwritten by a package upgrade


Tabs added to an app are removed by a package upgrade.

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Error creating Patch Org and installing Package when package contains a Roll-up Summary Field filtered on Opportunity RecordType


When a package contains a Rollup Summary Field that is filtered by Opportunity.RecordTypeID, but no Opportunity Record Types are included in the package, users working with the package may see an error: During Patch Org Creation: Your requested patch development organization was created, but we...

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Using sfdx force:source:push gives 'getSourcePath' of undefined error message

Packaging , Winter 18

if we change the local file names to a different case(like from uppercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase) and then use sfdx force:source:push command to push this local code to the source we get an error 'getSourcePath' of undefined

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Unable to retrieve unmanaged layout of managed object via metadate API

API , Packaging , Metadata

Unable to retrieve unmanaged layout of managed object via metadate API. Nothing is returned.

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Error deleting managed “Path Assistant”

AppExchange , Packaging

Error thrown when deleting “Path Assistant” that is part of a managed package even with "Managed Package Component Deletion" enabled.

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Installation of unmanaged extension package fails when it contains Process which refers to any component from Installed managed package


Some customer may get error when installing an unmanaged package, if the unmanaged package includes a process(flow) which references a component from an installed package: (process_name-1) formula_myRule_1 (Formula) - The formula expression is invalid: Field myVariable_current.referenced_field__c...

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Users are able to add @restResource annotation to a patch org but cannot remove it

Apex , Packaging

In a managed Patch org, you are able to edit an Apex class and add @restResource annotation to the class. (you are subsequently not able to remove it, it should fail though currently throws a NPE due to another bug ). This should fail with "Cannot add the @RestResource annotation in a patch release"...

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__MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val dependent.class.invalid not found in section ContextExceptions

Apex , Packaging

When uploading a package, user gets the below error message __MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val dependent.class.invalid not found in section ContextExceptions

Release In Progress - Winter '18 Patch 16.0 ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 6 days ago

Unable to install unmanaged package containing two Process Builder flows if one contains an actionCall to a Flow

Packaging , Flow , Process Builder

When attempting to install an unmanaged package that contains two Process Builder flows and a Flow, the installation will fail with an error. This error occurs if one of the Process Builder flows calls the Flow using an actionCall. You will get an email with the following error 1. (PB01-1) myRule_1_A1...

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Deployment error when deploying sharing rules together with queues on the same package

Packaging , Metadata , Eclipse IDE

When deploying sharing rules and queues together the following error can occurr error: "sharedFrom not allowed:queue - [QueueName]", when using ANT or the IDE.

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