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Lightning Component force:showToast event displays toast message behind action window in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

Mobile , Lightning

When the force:showToast event is fired from a Lightning Component used as an action then the toast message is being displayed behind the action window context. In Lightning Experience the toast is visible behind the transparent background layer that appears with the action window. In Salesforce1...

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lightning:accordionSection in aura:iteration throws error when rendered by accordionSection$controller$onRender only on Mobile app


This is Spring'20 issue. lightning:accordionSection in aura:iteration throws the following errors when the list was rendered on mobile app. --- "This page has an error. you might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We're reporting this as error ID: -804331169)" --- -iOS ===================== Technical...

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Field Service LIghtning Mobile app - Service Report PDF does not get attached when sharing via some iOS apps


Some of our customers have reported that when sharing Field Service Lightning (FSL) Reports via the FSL mobile app PDF share functionality, the attachment does not always attach. This issue can occur with Apple's mail app.

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Salesforce for Android app: "Show More" action does not work/respond on the object record page in Android Tablets with Classic UI


In Salesforce for Android app, the "Show More" action does work/respond on the object record page in tablets when "New Salesforce Mobile App for Tablet" turned OFF (means when old UI is enabled).

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Using Salesforce for Android, name of the custom tab is not displayed at the top of the page


Using Salesforce for Android, name of the custom tab (Visualforce page tab or Lightning Component tab and so on) is not displayed at the top of the page. The header is shown only with the current user's profile picture, the search and notifications button. On iOS app the name is shown just as expected...

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Field Service Lightning Mobile Settings: Schedule Update Frequency in Minutes does not work

Mobile , Field Service

The Field Service Lightning Mobile Settings: 'Schedule Update Frequency in Minutes' field does not work currently. Any value put there will not change the Schedule Update frequency for the FSL mobile app. That frequency will always be 5 minutes regards of the value you put there. Salesforce Engineering...

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[Android] User forced logout from app.

Mobile , Authentication

1. Android user are forced logged out of android SF1 mobile app. 2. Customer is logged in using community url (by adding connection in SF1)

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Unable to open link from lightning dashboard table in mobile device


Tapping the group value link in the lightning table on dashboard using mobile device, the following error page is shown: > Looks like there's a problem. > This record is no longer available. Ask your administrator for help. This issue occurs on all mobile environments, Salesforce mobile app (iOS/Android),...

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FSL app (Android only) users are unable to email Service Reports

Mobile , Field Service

FSL app users on Android device are unable to email Service Reports because the PDF does not get attached to the email. Some users may see an error, Cannot attach file, when the email is created in their email app. Other users will just see the email created with no attachment at all.

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Long label names (over 18 characters) are overflowing into the field value section for mobile devices.


If you create a custom field with a very long label name (over 18 characters), and you add the new field to the compact layout, mobile renderings (Hybrid app or mobile browser) will overflow the label into the field value.

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