Lightning Component force:showToast event displays toast message behind action window in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

Mobile , Lightning

When the force:showToast event is fired from a Lightning Component used as an action then the toast message is being displayed behind the action window context. In Lightning Experience the toast is visible behind the transparent background layer that appears with the action window. In Salesforce1...

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Record page loading error: could not be loaded because it includes too many formula fields with complex formulas, or too many custom fields

Analytics , Mobile , Lightning

This is a Feature Request based on a known limitation around Salesforce1 . Users attempting to load large page layouts may see an error such as: This record could not be loaded because it includes too many formula fields with complex formulas, or too many custom fields. Ask your Salesforce administrator...

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force:inputField Lightning Component input box disappears after refreshing page in Lightning Experience or Salesforce1

Mobile , Lightning

When using force:inputField components on a custom page in Lightning Experience or the Salesforce1 mobile application, users may notice the input box area of these components disappears from the page after a refresh has occurred. This issue has only been noticed when all force:inputField components...

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Salesforce for iOS correct picklist values are not displayed until user taps on screen


Some customers have reported that after upgrading to iOS 11.3, users notice that picklist values do not display in the app until after the users tap onto the screen or save the record. This issue affects only Salesforce for iOS and only devices on iOS v.11.3 or later.

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Lightning Event navigateToComponent(Beta) causes page to freeze and blocks scrolling in the Salesforce1 mobile application


When using the Lightning Event force:navigateToComponent to navigate between two components in Salesforce1, users may experience a freezing page where scrolling and other desired page behavior is blocked. This occurs in all downloadable apps or browser-based environments of Salesforce1. This navigation...

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Salesforce1 Loads a white screen after logging out


Some customers have reported that after logging into Salesforce1, users may get "stuck" on a blank white screen. This would usually occur after getting logged out of the application via an Oauth session timeout. This issue occurs on iOS only in versions 11.0.3 and 12.0 of Salesforce1. This issue...

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Record Type is no longer displayed as the secondary field in instant results in Search, or in mobile list views

Mobile , Search , Summer 18 , Lightning

In Lightning Experience, instant results returned when typing into the Search bar will not display the Record Type as the secondary field. This also impacts Mobile list views.

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Einstein Analytics dashboard saved views zindex issue as menu appears behind the dashboard in Salesforce for iOS hybrid app

Analytics , Mobile

When trying to click the Einstein Analytics dashboard saved views drop down the menu appears below the dashboard (zindex issue) when embedded in a lightning page or VF page. Issue is observed only in native Salesforce for iOS hybrid apps.

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lightning:comboBox component has observed scrolling and displaying issues on iOS.

Mobile , Lightning

It has been observed that the Lighting:combobox component has been experiencing some rendering and scrolling related issues when viewed from an iOS device in Salesforce downloadable as well as the mobile browser environment. Our teams are reviewing this further at this time.

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New!Einstein Analytics Mobile iOS, dashboard comparison table not respecting custom XMD labels

Analytics , Mobile

Einstein Analytics Mobile iOS, dashboard comparison table not respecting custom XMD labels

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated Yesterday

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