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Email Template: Case Thread ID in an email template is stripped

Service , Messaging

When using an email template with Case Thread ID merge field ({!Case.Thread_Id}) to send outbound email from a case, the thread id is stripped.

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Actions are not available on Messaging Session or Chat Transcript records in lightning, but they are available in classic.

Live Agent , Messaging , Lightning

Custom actions and standard ones like Edit and Delete missing on the Highlights panel in Messaging Session and Chat Transcript objects in Lightning. The actions are seen in the list view in Lightning and in the record detail page in Classic, the actions are supported and the edit and delete action occurs...

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The Cisco Webex Teams Component is blank


An intermittent issue with the Cisco Webex. The Cisco Webex Teams out of the box component is blank on the Utility Bar. It does not say loading, and even though the user is logged in to Webex and Spark, nothing ever loads in the component. It is very inconsistent sometimes it shows and sometimes it is...

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Conversation component fails to load outside of an Omni-Channel enabled Console app

Live Agent , Messaging , Lightning

We have identified an issue that prevents the Conversation component from loading outside of an Omni-Channel enabled Console app for both Messaging Session and Chat Transcript records.

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Un-ended messaging sessions throwing errors after a Salesforce Site Switch

Messaging , Service Cloud Console , LiveMessage , Omni-Channel

Message sessions that were not in an 'Ended' status during a site switch can lead to errors when agents either accept or respond to said sessions.

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Messaging - New Channel flow states Service Cloud licenses are required for Sales Cloud Orgs


As of Winter '20, Service Cloud licenses are no longer required for Messaging if your org uses Sales Cloud. Currently though, orgs that use only Sales Cloud licenses will see one (or both) of the following error messages when attempting to add a Messaging Channel: You don't have the correct permissions...

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Error thrown when using Channel Key, Channel Name, or Channel Type in Related List or Custom Report Type

Messaging , User Interface

We have observed an error that occurs when using the Channel Key, Channel Name, or Channel Type fields as columns of a Related List or Custom Report Type. If one of these fields is used.

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TimeOnly type field doesn't work in Outbound Message due to IOException

Apex , Messaging

When Time(TimeOnly) field is set in Outbound Message fields, the notification fails due to IOException - Actual Result No serializer found for class com.force.swag.soap.Time in registry org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingImpl

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Messaging Templates - Merge Fields in Quick Text not working for certain objects

Messaging , Lightning

An issue has been observed where use of Merge Fields in a Messaging Template throw an error when executed through Process Builder. Users may see the following error: "Can't insert the merge fields into the message because Quick Text isn't supported on the object you specified in the process. LiveMessage...

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Messaging Session Start Time is 12 hours before actual time when conversation is started between 12-1pm GMT


When a Messaging conversation is submitted between 12pm-1pm GMT, the Start Time is off by 12 hours before the actual time. This is specific to Digital Engagement Messaging in Lightning.

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