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Journey Builder Salesforce Integration Events will not always fire if another Process Builder finishes later in the same transaction

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Customers may experience a condition in which their Salesforce Data Event will not fire if another process is updating the object that meets the condition to make the JB Process Builder trigger.

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Triggered Send IERs not always created

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Connect Triggered Sends and Journey Builder Sends that opt to send tracking to Sales Cloud create triggered sends within Sales Cloud. The current logic to push the Individual Email Results (IERs) related to these triggered sends to Sales Cloud is not always accurate. This can cause IERs...

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Copying a Journey with a Decision Split activity can render the Decision Split uneditable

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

If a customer is copying a Journey that contains a number of decision splits and paths, in the copied version of the Journey the decision split is greyed out . If you try and edit the decision split, the Decision Split overview panel comes up with an 'Invalid Expression. Click Edit Expression to resolve'...

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Errors activating Journey with multiple Email Activities

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Despite a Journey passing validation, you may get an error when activating a journey with email activities. "WARNING: Activate triggered send error. The triggered was activated but the attempt to queue the send for initial OMM processing failed."

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New Journey version can be activated without correctly re-configuring attribute comparison Decision Splits referencing Journey Data

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

This issue affects Journeys with Decision Splits that compare an attribute in Contact Data to a Journey Data attribute. If a new version of such a Journey is created where the entry source is deleted and reconfigured, Journey Builder may allow the new version to be activated, even though these Decision...

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Engagement Split based on link over 72 characters long does not evaluate clicks correctly

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

An Engagement Split activity in Journey Builder is configured to look at clicks on a link over 72 characters long. Contacts that click this link are going down the 'No' path rather than the expected 'Yes' path.

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New!CSS closing .slot tags not recognized

Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Sending

It is possible for an email to fail validation when using CSS .slot tags within the email. The email will fail to send with the error "No closing tag was found for the Guide tag block. Guide tag blocks must be closed by a corresponding close tag of the same name."

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Wait by Attribute not evaluated correct using Contact Data with a Many:1 Relationship

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When using the Wait Activity and choosing to select an Attribute as the value to evaluate, and that Attribute is used via Contact Data and it's part of a Many:1 Relationship, Journey Builder is not evaluating the Attribute correctly and taking the value of a different row on the Many (Relationship) Data...

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Salesforce Data Event related object filter criteria can truncate custom relationships

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When nesting a custom relationship field inside an OR condition, the path, such as cases__r, will be truncated.

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Journey Builder reports have an upper limit to the number of journeys that can be selected

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Reporting

When creating the "Journey Builder Email Send Summary" or "Journey Builder Email Sends by Day" reports, you have the ability to select "ALL" journeys or individual journeys. If you choose to select individual journeys, there is an upper limit to the number of Journeys you can select.

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