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Report Output not Reflecting Chosen Time Zone

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When scheduling a report, it will show the user/account/report specific localized time zone. Once the time zone data is output, it shows in CST (no daylight savings) instead of the clients timezone.

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"Exists In Whole Word" operator is not working for filter criteria in Journey's

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

"Exists In Whole Word" operator not working in any of the places in application means Journey Builder Entry Criteria, decision split, Exit Criteria and Goal Criteria.

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Test mode converts date/time to local machine time

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Test mode converts date/time fields in data extensions to local machine time.This can cause confusion around decision splits or entry filters as it may appear that records meet or don't meet criteria, but then go down the incorrect decision split path.

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Journey Builder Salesforce Integration Events will not always fire if another Process Builder finishes later in the same transaction

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Customers may experience a condition in which their Salesforce Data Event will not fire if another process is updating the object that meets the condition to make the JB Process Builder trigger.

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Platform Events Apex Job runs before update transaction is complete

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Platform Events Apex Jobs run before update transactions are complete, causing records to come into the journey data extension with incorrect (pre-update) values. This is because the apex job created by the platform events is running before the transaction that triggered it is completed and the updates...

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Journey Entry Audience activity does not get added to existing automation if Journey uses complex entry filter criteria

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When configuring a Data Extension Journey Entry Source, an existing automation can be selected when setting the Schedule. Normally, activating a Journey that is configured this way results in a Journey Entry: Audience activity getting added automatically to the final step in the automation. However,...

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Unable to stop the journey when there are 300 or more journey's/flows

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Unable to stop the journey when there are 300 or more journey's using a Salesforce Data Entry Source for the same object.

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Advanced Options under Email Activity show misconfigured if 2 or more CC email addresses are used

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

In Journey Builder you can configure a Send Email Activity. The Advanced Options under this activity will show an error icon as if it were not configured properly if 2 or more CC email addresses are used. This has no impact on the actual sending of email messages to the subscribers injected into the...

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Can not set Delivery Window and Hourly Threshold configured separately in Journey Builder Email Activity

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

In Email Activity of Journey Builder, when configuring either "Delivery Window" or "Hourly Threshold" of send throttling, the setting value is not saved. NOTE: In the first place, Send Throttling feature is not working as a product limitation if Domain Throttling feature is enabled on your account. *Domain...

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Cannot Copy Journey after Event Name Exceeds Max Length

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Every time a journey is copied, the event name (which is hidden in the UI) is appended with the string ' (Copy)'. If a Journey is copied enough times, the max length will be exceeded and all future attempts to copy the journey will fail.

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