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'Contact ID is not null' filter automatically added on Journey entry event when using Campaign Member object and prevents Leads from injecting

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When a Salesforce Data entry event is configured for a Journey using object Campaign Member, with 'Contacts and Leads' selected for who to inject into the Journey, if 'IsUpdated' is enabled in Entry Criteria, a filter to check if 'Contact ID Is Not Null' is populated by default. This prevents Campaign...

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Journey Builder History Page does not show recent records

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When viewing Journey Builder Event History, you may notice one or more issues: -Contacts Accepted being greater than Contacts Evaluated -Contacts Accepted or Evaluated showing 0 despite successful injections -Contacts Accepted or Evaluated numbers that are lower than expected -Clicking on either...

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Marketing Cloud Content Builder Emails Shared to Business Units cannot be used in Journey Builder Engagement Splits

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Admin

Marketing Cloud Content Builder Emails Shared to Enterprise 2.0 Business Units cannot be used in Journey Builder Engagement Splits

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Journey Builder Counts for Activities Do Not Appear

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

There are some scenarios where counts do not appear for activities on the Journey Builder canvas due to the way that counts are rendered by the UI for activities other than the wait. This list includes, but is not limited to: -Random splits or decision splits with no wait activities before split -Consecutive...

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Journey Builder SMS going to Priority 1 number regardless of number provided

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

SMS Activities are using the priority 1 number for a contact even if a priority 2 number is referenced in the journey's entry source.

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Journey Builder Canvas Counts may show 0 despite successful entries

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Journey Builder Canvas Counts may show 0 despite successful entries.

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Attribute to Attribute comparison is incorrectly evaluating all contacts down the "yes" path

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Attribute to Attribute Comparison fails to evaluate properly when comparing fields from a data extension with more than one link from the root object in Contact Builder. An example of this would look like: Contactkey > DataExtension1 > DataExtension2 and using DataExtension2 for Attribute to Attribute...

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Journey Builder - Event Results Page Shows Inaccurate Counts

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

This issue is specifically on the Event Results page. Any count issues on the Journey Builder canvas, including anything labeled Total Entries, any goal counts, or any counts underneath an activity would not be related to this. An example of this issue would be if the Contacts Accepted counts are...

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Contacts not injecting after erring in a journey

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Contacts injected into a journey with invalid data can error during a journey without being exited from the journey. This results in the contacts being unable to be injected into the journey when the entry setting for the journey is set to 'Re-entry only after exiting'.

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Copying a Journey with a Decision Split activity can render the Decision Split uneditable

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

If a customer is copying a Journey that contains a number of decision splits and paths, in the copied version of the Journey the decision split is greyed out . If you try and edit the decision split, the Decision Split overview panel comes up with an 'Invalid Expression. Click Edit Expression to resolve'...

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