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JB Salesforce Activities allow for activation of a Journey even if Event Data mapping doesn't correspond to the Event used in the version

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

If your Salesforce Activities are not working within a Journey, it could be because the Journey Data (or Event Data) mapping within the SF activity is pointed to a different entry source. If an activity was once mapped to a different event and a new version carries these activities over with a new event,...

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Cannot Edit Salesforce Data Events from the Entry Sources Page

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When attempting to edit the event after initially configuring it you are unable to. The expectation is that you should be able to go back and edit from this screen just like with other events.

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Unable to select throttle send when sending to Salesforce data extension

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Integrations

Unable to do send throttles when sending to Salesforce data extensions post 212 release in classic content.

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New SF Data Event builds Person Account Contact Id DE fields differently than legacy SF Data Event

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

In the new Salesforce Data Event released in January 2018, there is a difference between how the DE is build out with respect to the column names for the PersonContactId. Previous format: Account:PersonAccountID New format: Account:PersonContact:Id

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Missing Thumbnail Preview for Triggered Send IERs with MC Connect

Marketing Cloud Integrations

When you go to a triggered send and view the IER for a contact, the preview image of the email is broken.

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Duplicate IERs for converted leads

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Converted leads can show an Individual Email Result for both the lead and converted lead (contact) records.

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Content Builder emails are not supported with MSCRM Online or On-Prem instances

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Any emails created within Content Builder in the Marketing Cloud are not accessible to users isolated to the MSCRM instance.

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Limit of 50 Triggered Send executions for MC Connect Triggered Sends using Delayed Sends

Marketing Cloud Integrations

When using Delayed Sending (delayed trigger) with MC Connect triggered sends, the send will go to an error state when Triggered Send Executions related list (queue) associated with the Triggered Send Definition totals more than 50 sends. The below error will be thrown in the Salesforce debug logs: et4ae5.trigSendDefChange...

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Overwrite when null is changed to Overwrite when used on the AccountID after initial creation of activity

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When mapping Account ID in a Sales & Service Cloud activity and selecting the option "Overwrite when null," upon saving the activity and going back to edit the activity, the UI will revert it back to "Overwrite."

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Upgrading from 5.496.5 version of the MCC connector will require user reconfiguration.

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect users will need to be reconfigured if the account was on 5.496.5 or earlier and then upgraded to the latest version of the Marketing Cloud Connect Connector.

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