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Triggered Send IERs not always created

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Connect Triggered Sends and Journey Builder Sends that opt to send tracking to Sales Cloud create triggered sends within Sales Cloud. The current logic to push the Individual Email Results (IERs) related to these triggered sends to Sales Cloud is not always accurate. This can cause IERs...

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The Sales Cloud Critical Update "Remove Instance Names From URLs for Visualforce, ..." will break Marketing Cloud Connect after reconnecting

Marketing Cloud Integrations

The Critical Update "Remove Instance Names From URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files" will cause a placeholder domain to be used instead of the standard et4ae5 domain or your custom domain. This will only impact you if you have cleared the configuration record associated...

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'Contact ID is not null' filter automatically added on Journey entry event when using Campaign Member object and prevents Leads from injecting

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

When a Salesforce Data entry event is configured for a Journey using object Campaign Member, with 'Contacts and Leads' selected for who to inject into the Journey, if 'IsUpdated' is enabled in Entry Criteria, a filter to check if 'Contact ID Is Not Null' is populated by default. This prevents Campaign...

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Duplicate IERs for converted leads

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Converted leads can show an Individual Email Result for both the lead and converted lead (contact) records.

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Distributed Marketing unable to authenticate with Marketing Cloud Business Unit when custom domain uses capital letters

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Distributed Marketing is unable to authenticate with your Marketing Cloud Business Unit when a custom domain uses capital letters. This happens when the MY_ORG remote site setting is created, it is automatically created in all lowercase characters which then causes authentication issues.

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I am unable to use a Send Classification for From Name "A" when using the A/B Test type From Name in Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Integrations

When using the Marketing Cloud Connect integration, you have the ability to send emails via A/B Testing in Salesforce. When selecting the A/B Test type 'From Name', using a send classification will cause an error and prevent you from sending. This error will occur when From Name "A", is using a Send...

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Salesforce Triggered Sends with subsequent rule can prevent evaluation of other triggered sends

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Salesforce Triggered Sends with subsequent rule can prevent evaluation of subsequent triggered sends.

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Editing a Salesforce event can cause old, running versions to have their filter criteria updated

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Salesforce Data Events are able to be edited between versions of the same Journey. Editing the entry event, saving it, but NOT activating the new version can leave changes in an uncommitted state. If a different journey, using the same object as the event that has been edited but not activated, is subsequently...

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The Cisco Webex Teams Component is blank

Messaging , Marketing Cloud Integrations

An intermittent issue with the Cisco Webex. The Cisco Webex Teams out of the box component is blank on the Utility Bar. It does not say loading, and even though the user is logged in to Webex and Spark, nothing ever loads in the component. It is very inconsistent sometimes it shows and sometimes it is...

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ExactTarget tab and function pages in Salesforce (V2 Integration) fail to load and show a blank white screen

Winter 19 , Marketing Cloud Integrations

With the Salesforce Winter 18 release, Salesforce API versions 6 or older are no longer supported. If you are using the Salesforce Integration v2 for Marketing Cloud with an unsupported API version, ExactTarget function pages don’t display. To ensure that email sends work, update these package components...

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