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SOAP API | Create request | DataFolder object | API Permission Failed response

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud API

It is not currently possible to create a child folder under the root "My Tracking" folder. A permission error is received regardless of assigned permissions to installed package or user.

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Einstein Content Tagging | Tag filter not returning results when show more selected

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When attempting to search by a tag within Content Builder tag specific results are not displayed when "show more" tags is toggled.

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Tracking Extract of Click Impressions Results in Multiple Lines for Single Records

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Reporting

When using the standard tracking extract and exporting click impression records, some records may be split over multiple lines when viewed. This is being caused by additional Line Feed characters being exported with the data.

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Marketing Cloud - Brazil no longer honors daylight savings time

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Admin

In 2019, Brazil no longer honors daylight saving time and now stays on standard time year round. However the Time Zone within the Marketing Cloud still has daylight savings applied to the Brasilia timezone

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Content Builder - Large font size causes mobile preview issue

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Mobile

In Content Builder, if the font size of Text is greater than about 32, a line of text that is wrapped around when viewed on mobile will overlap the above line of text. This also depends on which font, and if bold, or all-caps, but can easily be observed in font size 42. Note that this is strictly a...

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Duplicating Email from Email Studio Recent Items Overview Screen Doesn't Allow Folder Selection

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Admin

When attempting to duplicate an Email from the Recent Items Overview screen in Content Builder the Select button to select the folder in which to create the Email does not work.

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Social Follow content block default image url unavailable

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

The default image source for the Social Follow block in our Basic templates point to a broken image link.

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Exporting a data extension in UI for Browser Download intermittently yields an empty file.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Exporting a data extension through the UI and selecting 'Browser download' as the Delivery location is intermittently producing a blank 0kb file.

In Review ·Reported By 10 ·Updated 20 days ago

Numbers in Numbered Lists Do Not Reflect Font Size Changes in Content Builder Emails

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Admin

When modifying the font size of a numbered list in the Content Builder Editor, the actual numbers do not respect the size change.

No Fix ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 25 days ago

Email Calendar Automation Events have Incorrect Re-occurrence Times

Email Clients , Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Sending

When retrieving the times for the calendar the first event (stored as the next recurrence) is correct but each event after is displayed using incorrect information. We believe this to be related to timezones where the account timezone is positive to UTC (such as +5:30). When the automation runs, this...

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 26 days ago

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