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REST API Permission Enforcement Allows Non-Admin Users to see Salesforce Integration under Email->Admin

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Admin , Marketing Cloud Sending

With the REST API permission enforcement introduced in the June 2019 Marketing Cloud release, Content Builder email sends require users to have view permissions for Send Classifications. However, this also allows non-admin users access to the Salesforce Integration settings under Email -> Admin. Learn...

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Random Data Extension Split fails on duplicate name but does not surface appropriate error

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Random splits can fail to be created when a duplicate name is used. The error is generic and will say "Error: Failed to Create Random Segments".

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Discover Report Email Report Results Email not Delivered

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Reporting

Intermittently attempting to email report results does not result in an email being delivered to the desired inbox from Discover. This happens for standard reports and is not specific to one report type.

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Link View page not matching exported results

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When an email contains two links to the same URL, it is possible for exported results for click-per-link data will contain more links and more total clicks than what is displayed in the UI.

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Upload Enhanced Dynamic Content disabled in Chrome

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

‘Enhanced Dynamic Content’ is greyed out under Create > Upload in Content Builder. This only occurs in Chrome.

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Email Calendar Automation Events have Incorrect Re-occurrence Times

Email Clients , Marketing Cloud Automations , Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Sending

When retrieving the times for the calendar the first event (stored as the next recurrence) is correct but each event after is displayed using incorrect information. We believe this to be related to timezones where the account timezone is positive to UTC (such as +5:30). When the automation runs, this...

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'Select All' Only Selects First 25 Business Units in Marketing Cloud Folder Permissions Screen

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Admin

When using the 'Select All' feature in the Marketing Cloud folder permissions screen it only selects the first 25 Business Units.

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Data Extension browser download will not work when using Internet Explorer 11

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Performing data extension browser download using Internet Explorer 11 will not work.

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Next button disappears from Import after renaming data extension

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When Creating a New Data Extension, then editing the DE name, the 'Next' button is missing from the UI to Import records from the Records Tab. This does not occur with older data extensions.

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Marketing Cloud Connect Triggered Sends From Name is updated to defaults if its value is 'Record Owner'

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Sending

As a Marketing Cloud Connect (V5 integration) user, when I create a Triggered Send and set the From Name as the 'Record Owner', in an hour of activation, the 'Record Owner' gets changed to use the account default from name and email address.

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